Emptiness of Watchtower

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  • vinman
    Since I left the organization, I have learned so many new and deep things. I know some in the Watchtower are intelligent, however it has been my experience, that most I've dealt with are. .. well quite inept. Just plain dumb. Especially the men. That explains why the Watchtower is written for 5 year olds. Never noticed that until I woke up. I mean, I believe in creation, but reading a 4 page article about it , can't convince me of anything. I want real science. I have found so many deep scholarly articles since. Even when it comes to the Bible, very simple. I couldn't go back if I wanted to. My mind is so thirsty for up to date and scholarly research. The writers of the Watchtower, use the Watchtower for research. Very empty indeed.
  • username
    I started to notice this during my awakening. In fact one evening at a meeting I actually said this to someone who I had trouble with that it was like dealing with children!
  • punkofnice

    Empty is the word. Just to illustrate: When I was in the cult, I gave myself a project of putting together an informational document about Jesus and the apostles. There was nothing apart from guilt trips to go door knocking in the dublications. No REAL information that was of any interest.

    Although I no longer believe in god or any holy books, I did notice at the time that the publications were a 'spiritual' wasteland. they did nothing to inspire me to worship.

  • maninthemiddle

    This was a big eyeopener for me. when I first started letting myself research "outside" books, it amazed me how little the watchtower actually teaches.

    I dove into textual criticism, and reading about the environment where the bible was written. It quickly amazed me how much I didn't know.

    It also gave me great appreciation of why there is so much diversity in Christianity and how stupid it was to say you had ultimate truth.

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    INEPT is the word; I remember when I used to be sat between my brother and my uncle (not JW's) about 7 years ago, when they discussed either politics, issues going on around the world, history, science, injustic, the economy etc etc.. I was always totally dumbstruck, with absolutely NOTHING to contribute, they would have to stop and explain 'basic' things to me... in fact i felt so inept that I started to collect some books and do some reading up on history etc... so several months later, after learning just a little bit, I was able to hold my own a just a little bit with my bro and uncle, and some of the rare critical thinking JW's... while having these stimulating conversations, I could see other brothers with that 'deer in headlights' look on their faces,

    As for the socially inept, god almighty, that's a big one, I used to think I was pretty good socially, now I've been watching non JW's for a couple of years, inept doesn't even begin to describe what I am, I am literally like a little baby again...

  • JW_Rogue
    The new public edition of the WT and AW are pure fluff. Filled with anecdotes, pics and bullet points. No real substance or in depth reasoning (even by WT standards).
  • flipper

    Never having been a jw, I noticed right away that the articles were written like young children's books. I mentioned this to my jw mother-in-law - she said it was because they have so many members from other countries who don't have the English language down. Yeah, right.

    If so, it's like using baby talk with kids - how will that help them learn? Well the watchtower certainly doesn't want the people to learn to think beyond that level - keep them brain dead so it's easier to indoctrinate.

    I have been in a kingdom hall for 2 weddings and one funeral. At all 3 occasions the talks were horrible - slow, droning, repetitive and obvious propaganda. I could barely stand it but all the jws were nodding their heads.

    Now, knowing more about cults and mind control, that is a common method of indoctrination. Like chanting - slow, boring and hypnotic. Keep them half asleep mentally and the written and spoken propaganda sinks in.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • fulltimestudent
    vinman: Even when it comes to the Bible, very simple. I couldn't go back if I wanted to. My mind is so thirsty for up to date and scholarly research. The writers of the Watchtower, use the Watchtower for research. Very empty indeed.

    Right on, mate! The more I learn, the more I realise that I was conned. No consolation, to realise that it was my own bloody fault.

  • possum
    The JW cult mindset provides a fantasy of love,family, friendship and life. But has no substance. Real life, marriages and friendships can stand difference, robust debate if shared with mutual respect and love. Unfortunately, WT simplistic comic strip dribble, hinders converts emotional and intellectual abilities and (keeps them easy to control) and encourages very limited expectations of quality of life.................One of the hardest things to do post cult is to learn to THINK...............

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