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    I receive updates from her site because it is one of the best sites in terms of this subject matter.

    If you would like to go somewhere for the day 1 videos 1-2-3 and the transcripts for each of those sections. Then go here as it has been collated into video = transcript commencing 27th August.

    You may find this easier to access than going to the Royal Commission where the transcripts only, are available due to live streaming of the entire event. This was why I thought it was so good that the whole thing could be filmed for posterity. The documents are in Word or PDF to make it easier for those who don't have a pdf converter.

    It's neatly packaged and worth grabbing your information from this site. Someone did ask if there was a non apostate site available on this forum...I put it to that person that this is about Child Sexual Molestation in Religious organizations including the Jehovah's Witness one. So please stop such limited thinking and pretend your're reading the news for once. As this about crimes toward children. Stop calling sites apostate for having the courage to deal with the topic and insulting the whole process. If you don't mind that is....

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    Thank you for this.
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