80's Apostasy.....

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  • TheApostleAK

    I read somewhere (possibly from Apocalpyse Delayed) that during the 80's that a whole congregation DA'd themselves from the Borg and that when the Borg tried to take control of the KH the Borg representatives were actually charged with trespassing. Anyone heard this story? Anyone got any similar stories they heard or or seen?

  • Francois

    I've never heard this one, but I'd pay real money for its confirmation.

  • Skimmer

    i seem to remember a mention of a court case around that time with the Bonham, Texas (USA) congegation. The locals wanted wanted to take possession of the Kingdom hall that they built and owned. Perhaps someone here can help with details.

  • RR

    There was a congregation somewhere in Texas, where the body of elders "apostasized." They were teaching contrary to the Society, however this didn't seem to bother many in the congregation, of course there were some who protested.

    When the Society was informed they tried to DF the elders and take control of the congregation. It didn't work, you see, every congregation has officers, since they are a non-profit church, the kingdom hall, being that there was only one congregation, was owned by the congregation, but the officers were the elders, legally the Watchtower had no rights to the hall, since it was owned by the elders in question, a court of law confirmed that, and the Society abandoned the kingdom Hall, taking whatever faithful witnesses to a newly formed congregation.

    Since that time the Society has taken precautions so that this sort of thing never happens again, not sure of what precautions they took, but I think it has to do with the Society now acting as a bank for all new kingdom Hall purchases.

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