What happend to Covington

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  • hippikon

    What happend to Covington. I understand he left to org after being told he couldnt be on the GB because he wasn't anointed. I'dd like to get some confirmation on that if anyone knows.

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  • larc


    Since I am in a silly mood right now, I'll just tell you that Covington, KY is where it has always been. Just across the Ohio river, south of Cinncinnati. By they way, don't ever try to eat that jelly from Kentucky (KY).

  • ZazuWitts

    Hi Hippikon,

    Covington was disfellowshipped in the early 1960's...alledgedly due to his alcoholism. He was later reinstated and died in 'good-standing' in 1979.
    It was well-known that he had many on-going conflict(s) with Nathan Knorr. Jim Penton relates some of this in his fine, historical account, "Apocalypse Delayed."

  • RR

    Covington was the vice president of the Society, and by law should have moved up to the position of President, however, that might have been the demise of the Watchtower Society. Nathan knorr talked him out of being president and was himself elected to that position since he was third in command. Shortly afterwards, Knorr dismissed him, because as he put it, you need to be anointed to be an officer/director, despite the fact that there was no governing body at that time. The President held ALL power! That was something added to the by-laws by Rutherford when he wiggled hinslef into that position.

    Eventually Covington was DF'd, and some years later reinstated, a few years later he died!

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  • Jerry Bergman
    Jerry Bergman

    He told me that he was of the anointed!

    He also claims that Knorr was not accurate about this claim.

  • berylblue

    I had a tape of his funeral talk. It lead me to believe that he was, or felt he was, annointed before he died. The speaker (I forget his name) said that some had said that he wouldn't receive his reward because he had once been disfellowshipped; I can't recall the exact words but they lead me to believe that he had been annointed. I later read that he was not, so I was confused.

    I no longer have the tape, but it was actually a very loving talk. The speaker likened those who try then fail, then try again, and do okay for a while, then try and fail, only to try and finally succeed, to an old football which, although ugly and beat up, had survived hundreds of games, as opposed to a new football, which was lovely to look at but never had been tested. He mused, "how do you know that new football isn't going to collapse the first time someone kicked it?" or something like that.

    I can't remember if the speaker was a Colin Quackenbush, or the man who said the prayer.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I know he is pictured in the book "Faith on the March". My mom had a copy of it and didn't speak to highly of Covington. If I recall she mentioned something about the power going to his head and he tried to take over the society. Obvious if what the other posters said about Knorr taking the presidency away from Covington, than that fits in with Knorr starting rumours to discredited Covington.


  • blondie

    Interview with Hayden Covington


    Faith on the March (online)


    NameBirthDeathLast ResidenceLast BenefitSSNIssuedTools
    HAYDEN COVINGTON 19 Jan 1911Nov 197845236 (Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH)91209 (Glendale, Los Angeles, CA)125-34-4989New YorkSS-5 Letter
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