Exiting the JW cult, by Bonnie Zieman.

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  • Sabin
    Hello to you all, I`m reading this book EXiting the JW cult & I think so far it is brilliant. I emailed a friend the other day and said "sometimes I feel rage that isn't good towards the J Dub`s & what they do to others". then I came across this section in the book, pg 62-63, where it says." When we have to repress so much of who we are & what we want, it is infuriating to the self. Trying to be a good, model Jehovah`s witness, we can never reveal the well of anger & rage building inside us-not to other congregation members &, often, not even to ourselves". I thought how true that was, for me anyway. I have felt like that for years, there are some people I know who clearly take advantage of others & your told to wait on Jehovah when all you want to do is smash them, & shout it from the roof tops. Is it just me or does it seem that the more corrupt the J.W the more they get used as an example of goodness on the stage?. The author goes on to explain that repressed rage can account for a lot of the physical ailments that plague the J.W`s. This week I have been to see the Neurologist to get my results for all the test they have been doing on my brain as I was passing out, fitting coming round & vomiting violently & I got the all clear. Yes it`s official I`m normal. I explained about the cult & how since I had been away from it I had been sleeping, no more nightmares & no more passing out. He was totally unsurprised by this which made me think seriously about the amount of others that have had to go through this shit, many I suspect still haven't recognized the cults part in it, I didn't for years. So I`m asking for your thoughts on the book if any have read it? & also if you feel this rage sometimes to? It would be interesting to read the differences between the men & women. SABIN
  • vinman
    Yes. Read the book. Gave it 5 stars. Most unique professional book for Ex-JW'S. And yes, I have fealt the rage. I have gotten to the point that I will tell anyone what I know of the truth of this organization. It is the only way for me to deal with it.
  • LisaRose

    I haven't read it, but I can relate to the idea that many JWs have a lot of repressed emotions that are making them sick.

    It's not acceptable in this religion to say you aren't 100% happy, because YOU HAVE THE TRUTH, how could you not be happy? If you do have problems, they can all be solved by more prayer, study, meetings and service. It doesn't take a psychologist to know that this is patently untrue and causes more people to feel worse because it makes then feel like a failure. The fact is that it is not acceptable to express negative emotions, especially for women.

    Anger and rage are expressed in a lot of different ways. Some people become depressed, some use alcohol or drugs to band-aid the problem, which only creates more problems. Some use illicit sex, other becomes workaholics. Some turn their negative emotions inwards and become sick. It becomes a negative spiral, becauseof the black and white thinking of the religion, as any of these things are seen as a moral failing.

    I read a story on the Jehovah's Witness suicide page that broke my heart. A young mother suffered from depression. The elders counseled her to be more diligent in meeting attendance and service. She signed up to auxiliary pioneer. Towards the end of the month she killed herself, she only had ten hours for the month, far short of what was needed.

  • Vidiot

    I don't know about full-on repressed rage, but repressed frustration?


  • Tornintwo

    Just started reading the book, looks good so,far....

    ive felt a lot of anger towards prominent 'brothers' who have mistreated my family, and yes, surprise, surprise I was told to 'wait on Jehovah' and that they are just 'imperfect men' whilst having to listen to this particular nasty piece of work giving talks at the conventions.

    Also there are many times I should have left quite an abusive marriage in the past but was told to work harder at being a good submissive wife. Nauseating. For me thankfully it didn't become a dangerous situation, more emotionally damaging than physically. But I wonder how many women have been sent back into a dangerous situation, thinking that if they were just a better Christian wife, it would all be ok. That makes me angry.

  • umbertoecho
    I have bought the book as soon as I saw your post and have been reading it. One of the better books as far as I have read...Thanks for telling us/me about it. It's not a bitter book. It's written with a lot of good helpful "other books" to resource or articles to read online...

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