What percent are getting baptized only at 'Regional' Conventions?

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  • Gayle

    what 'percent' at circuit assemblies or special day assemblies? Are ones inclined to wait for the Regionals (more exciting) or not necessarily?

    These Regional Conventions reporting quite low numbers, averaging approx. .5% of attendance.

    Also, what percent at Regionals are attenders among the 'Average Publishers?' What percentage of others are there, among the interested, the inactives, the disfellowshipped?.

    Are these 'low' baptism numbers getting any comments or observations?

  • steve2
    Good question Gayle. I have noted that various threads on this year's Regional Conventions, both in the USA and elsewhere, have reported very low numbers baptized. I have not seen any official recognition of numbers baptized so far this year, though.
  • blondie

    jws can be baptized at assemblies, in fact, assembly halls have built in baptismal pools. Some prefer smaller assemblies so all family can be there or larger ones and be part of a larger group.

    But no private baptisms apart from assemblies/conventions unless special circumstances, medical for example.

  • leaving_quietly
    Any comments you get here will be purely anecdotal and would be based on what each individual observes at the RC they attend. At the one I attended, if I recall, it was at .39%. 26 or 27 (somewhere around there) out of ~7000 attendees.
  • wifibandit

    Straw-poll here:


    I happened to be catching up on this project when I saw this post.

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