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by vinman 2 Replies latest jw experiences

  • vinman
    Since I discovered TTATT, I am always looking for a good book that can help me recover. If you think you need a therapist but can't get to one, I highly recommend this book: Exiting the JWCult- A Healing Handbook. The author (Bonnie Zieman) was a witness for 30 years, then became a professional in psychology. It is sooo good. It is a new book. It is so professional, you forget sometimes that she is talking to witnesses because it is not just a book about our beliefs. It helps you through your thinking process. The electronic version is only 7 or 8 dollars on Amazon. I give it 5 stars.
  • BeautifulMind
    Vinman this is in my Kindle! I haven't gotten around to reading it yet though. I have to set aside time to start it soon.
  • Mary J Blige
    Mary J Blige
    Thanks, have not heard of this one. Will track it down.

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