Rice Christians and Paper Publishers

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  • metatron

    The Society used to be critical of Christendom for
    producing "Rice Christians" in China. (no, they didn't
    go snap, crackle, pop when milk was added!). They
    were critical of the churches because the numbers
    plunged when Maoist Communism took over. Thus, the
    stats weren't real.

    Ah, but I wonder how real the Society's stats are?

    Here's two interesting ones:

    In Japan they had 222,347 average publishers in 1998
    In 2000 they reported 220,538 average publishers for
    a net loss of 1809. However, the number of congregations
    went from 3802 (98) to 3538 (2000) reported for a net
    loss of 264 congregations (!!!!) I wonder if many
    are just "saving face" by turning in imaginary reports.

    Here's another: In August of '98 they got their
    all time peak in the U.S. of 1,040,283 publishers.
    The next month (Sept. 98), 932,347 publishers reported.
    -- a net loss of 107,936 in one month.

    Both of these look like a "ok, if I turn in some time,
    they'll leave me alone". I suspect lots of burned out
    publishers do this to satisfy wives/relatives/the elders.
    I think the huge ratio between hours reported and converts
    made supports this conclusion also.

    One good solid scandal in the future might reveal
    the truth of the matter - if "paper publishers" melt away.


  • patio34

    Those are interesting numbers, Metatron.

    I wonder what spin the WTBS will put on that besides stats don't mean anything to Jehovah. There will probably be lots more talks about doing more, more, more service, etc. And the ones who are doing it will feel browbeaten.

    However, I don't know if anyone really turns in 'false' time, but maybe i'm being naive.


  • Liberated

    It was the whip they used to beat us.
    I lived the 1998 one million mark, we were "urged" to get out there to reach it, so we did. Then the decline came and tsk-tsk, some are slowing down again.

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