Doubting the story of Exodus

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  • CPiolo

    For those interested the Los Angeles Times ran a story about recent archaelogical finds supporting the notion that the story of Exodus is, for the most part, a legend, and how a rabbi shared this information with his congregation for the first time, even though religious scholars have known this for 10-15 years or so. Of course, there is no consensus.

    The story can be found here:


  • patio34

    Thanks for that! I missed it, but now will be printing it out. Also, the book referred to has been mentioned on this forum before.

    When I was a jdub (just 6 weeks ago!) that's one thing that bothered me so often, was that reading of newspapers, science magazines, books quoted even by the WTS often led to a conflict in my "faith." And since I've had doubts forever, it always fed into them.

    Finally, I had the courage to withdraw from WTS and investigate the real news.

  • Moxy

    its getting harder and harder to read _anything_ about archeology and not require oneself to ignore the bulk of scientific opinon if one wishes to hold onto their JW faith. in particular i get the impression that archeology as a whole has come a long way in just the past 15 years or so. i havent studied the subject extensively (i think i will try and find that 'bible unearthed' book) so im not sure if thats true or if it is, why. any comments? it seems like anything the WT has written within that time period (since the creation book) has more or less just ignored archeology rather than trying to take it on and refute scientific claims.


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