In all honesty,...Honesty sucks!

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  • Martini

    Greetings friends,

    I have just filed my income taxes and it got me thinking about the whole "true Christians are to be honest in all things" mindset. Although I commend the JW religion for advocting honesty in all things for me this was a very challenging and exhausting experience.
    For many years I was self-employed and finally gave up the business world because it became very difficult to survive without resorting to some unscrupulous business dealings. By this I don't mean serious things like embezzlement or fraud, but simple things like declaring and recording EACH and EVERY transaction. Also NOT accepting any payment no matter how small without invoicing, etc. Often I had to pay the taxes out of my own pocket because the sort of customer I serviced simply was not interested in an invoice. Anyway to make a long story short,heaven knows I've done my best to remain honest, but doing so became an obsession of sorts where I felt God was watching every detail and I just couldn't be honest enough. Nowadays I wouldn't think twice to cheat a little as in not declaring all ones earnings for example. Tell me folks, is it common to be a little less than perfectly honest in this present life or are the JW's correct to point out that leaving the religion makes people corrupt?

    I do believe as they say that honesty is the best policy, however I was just wondering where do YOU draw the proverbial line?

    So how about it how are you folks doing in the honesty department?

    Martini, who could have stashed the loot for an early retirement:)

  • Gopher


    I was going to give a flippant answer, since nobody has replied in about 1-1/2 hours. "Nobody is honest, and they're all to chicken to say so". Or for myself, "I'll take the 5th on that. I just can't tell you."

    For the WTS to slur those who leave the organization, saying "they become Satan's right-hand people. They do drugs, do immorality, lie, cheat, steal, become heathen" is a scare tactic. I think people pretty much are what they are.

    I am pretty much the same as before. I am not self-employed, so I don't have to deal with all the hassles you do. I don't feel qualified to even begin comparing the effort it takes for you and me to be "honest". Where to draw the line often depends on what is most practical and is standard. (The exception: I know there are certain segments of certain societies where the standard is obviously corrupt, such as housing inspectors, even used car salesmen.)

    Be true to your own conscience. Also, it's easier being honest in certain cases, so you don't have to live your life with the fear of being caught.

    Several factors come in to play. The more honest you can be, probably the better.

    Gopher (of the touch-a-sensitive-subject class)

  • TR


    I run my own small business, and you're right, it's hard. I pay my taxes, but there is a small amount of cash income I receive that I don't pay taxes on. If it's a small job, and the customer gives me cash, I always ask if they want a receipt. If not, I don't withhold the tax. The government gets plenty from me anyway. Consider it a bit of civil disobedience. However, I do not, and will not cheat my customers. They mean everything to me. Besides, there is a lot that I do to give back to the community and the government.


  • Mommie Dark
    Mommie Dark

    In or out of any organization, I've always been the same. I'm one of those hopeless boobs who pays every penny of tax (filed & paid self-employment every stinking year no matter how puny the amount) and turns in lost wallets. My boss used to laugh at me because I bought stamps out of the company supply. She just used them for her personal mail, told me I could too(she owned the business), but I never felt easy until I had paid for the stupid stamp. Mom's platitudes/attitudes stuck with me pretty good I guess.

    I've never found honesty to be especially rewarding or anything. It's just the thing I do. I have found it's best not to expect it out of other people, then it's a delightful surprise when they do display it. I have a fond hope that what goes around comes around, and that honesty can be proved to be the best policy, but honestly? It's just another thing I take 'on faith'. Old habits die hard...

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