The problem with holding religions to account for their crimes.

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  • smiddy

    Lately we have seen governments from all parts of the western word challenge religious institutions on a variety of issues . such as Tax Status , Charitable Status , Child Sex Abuse by religious institutions , etc.etc.

    Just how effective these investigations are or will be only time will tell.

    Their are many factors that will influence the outcome.

    Politicians make up the government , human beings make up the politicians , and the politicians have their own personal beliefs

    And the electorates these politicians represent are made up of people with their own religious preferences ,and the politicians need to keep in favour of their electorate to remain in office.

    And lobbyists whether religious or otherwise do influence outcomes .An elected politician wants to hold onto his seat , his job , his income.

    The Australian Royal Commission into Institutions of Child Sexual Abuse gives me hope that these concerns will be addressed .

    I can only hope so , not just for the Jehovah`s Witness children who have been abused , but for all children who have been abused ,by all institutions secular and religious .


  • barry
    The JWs don't vote so there will be no votes lost there. If I was a catholic I would want the sexual offenders dealt with
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Don't forget: religious people in general represent a large portion of the politician's constituent. They don't want to offend anyone in fear of losing that portion of the vote. At the moment New York is having a rough time dealing with the Hasidic communities underhanded practices due to all the "deals" the politicians have made in order to secure the Hasidic vote, who in a few counties hold enough power to determine The outcome of an election.
  • possum

    The court of public opinion also holds sway. hopefully, a better informed public won't see witnesses as such harmless door knockers now.

  • Vidiot

    barry - "The JWs don't vote so there will be no votes lost there."

    One of the reasons why I think that if the Justice System ever reaches the point where it feels pressured by the public to "make an example" of a group for their egregious and flawed policies, the WTS is an ideal candidate.

    They have no friends in high places, hardly anyone (except themselves) would feel like they were being picked on, and they are actually genuinely culpable.

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