Are JW hypnotized or honest lovers of God?

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  • nojw86

    Mr nojo posting again,thought I would give a try, while my wife is still a little out sorts, read so many interesting posters, that I thought to myself, what happened to us when we under the water, we must of been hypnotized , after that we all attended ass. sat in the rain, little covering, sat in hot sun for hours, drove to 5 weekly reptitive meetings no matter how tired or how tired our children were, some made their children stand up if they fell asleep, sat morn. field ser. sun morn, meeting again, more f.s.all of made to feel like criminals around the holidays, children especially were warned of the horrors of drawing a simple holiday character. And of course we carried our killing kards... no blood to any member of family lets see how do I sign you off my beloved one. to those who it happened to I am humbled of what you did. It just got me thinking its the water that changed me after I came up I was a complete blabbering fool, how many people today think Jw are hypnotized, rather than they are loyal subjects of a loving God, I know how hard it is for us now without the loving family members because we are longer JW, its hard especially for my wife since she is so sick with her cancer and chemo. BUt you guys have helped a lot, ah the ramblings of a lonely husband. Mr. nojo

  • Introspection

    Hi Nojo,

    I'm sorry to hear about your wife. Regarding being hypnotized, I think most people do go through life being hypnotized, though of course JWs are probably more so. But to me that distinction isn't relevant, because I think that sometimes leaving the org. can turn out to be a blessing. If you look around you can find other non-JW people who basically go through life asleep. If leaving the org. allows us to truly wake up, then we're actually better off than the rest of the population..

  • Fredhall

    Since you guys are out of the truth; now you stuck in this dirty old world.

  • mommy

    Mr Nojo,
    ((((HUGS)))) Can you please pass one along to your wife as well? I have been thinking about her alot lately, and wondered if she had any help that lived close by. A close friend of mine was put in the hospital a few days ago, and all of us are pitching in to take care of her childen. I know this is one thing she doesn't have to worry about while she is ill.
    As far as being hypnotized I personally never was, so I can't compare. I was raised in the org, and left when I was 18. I was never able to use my adult capabilities of reason on this religion. I do remember as a child looking around the KH and thinking I was surrounded by zombies. Especially when an announcement was made. No matter how ridiculous it was, everyones head was bobbing in unison.
    I actually left my parents home at a younger age, I was 16. I continued to try to find the truth in the org for 2 years before I gave up. I never could imagine as an adult studying and becoming a JW, there are too many obvious flaws. But they do play on the human nature, of showering with attention and love.
    Well just a little thought from me I do hope all is well today, give you wife our love.

  • Introspection

    Fred, you may think that we're "in the world" now and out of the truth but I don't think I'm alone in saying I still love you and regard you as a brother. Why do you think that is?

  • unclebruce

    Hey Fred,

    That's not a very nice way to talk to a bloke whose wife is seriously ill.

    My seriously healthy wife and I drove to Canberra today (capital of Australia) What a beautifull city - being in this old world isn't so bad.

    unclebruce, not swapping his life for a bag of Watchtower beans even if they lead to castles in the sky and 144,000 falling giants.

  • Francois

    Jay-Dubs are neither hypnotized nor honest lovers of God.

    Cultists are not cultists because they love anything. They are cultists for very complex motivations centered in abnormal psychology, but by and large cultists are cultists because they hate. They hate their own ruined lives and worthless selves and want to be immersed in something bigger and - to them - greater than themselves and everyone and everything else. Think of the cult of Hitler. And they hate all who are not in the cult. In this respect, they are very lucky, since they have virtually the entire human race to hate.

    No matter they have predicted the end of the world multiple times.

    No matter they have taken anti-intellectual positions on virtually every medical advance in the last hundred years.

    No matter they have to manipulate statistics to appear to have grown, when there are more going out the back door than are coming in the front. Their growth is a birth rate issue by and large.

    Taking an intellectual approach to a Jay-Dub is a waste of time, since their cult is a powerful emotional phenomena and has nothing to do with intellectuality. The cognitive dissonance consequent upon the attempt to maintain the position their cult as an intellectual phenomena in the teeth of all evidence to the contrary results in a group with the highest rates of alcoholism, sex and drug abuse, spousal abuse, pedophilia, suicide and neuroticism in general in the western world...or eastern, for that matter.

    There's nothing honest about a Jehovah's Witnesses. Nothing.

  • nojw86

    FRANCOISE,I enjoyed your post,am new to this.That's a full AMEN from me.Honesty was NOT their policy. Mr NOJW.(if I get good at this I may get my own 'moniker')

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