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  • stephenw20

    It would take almost two years to visit every office , if you were at each one a wonder the GB has no time to check what is printed in the magazines

    How to Contact Us

    While we do not answer questions by electronic mail (E-mail) over the Internet, we are happy to help individuals study the Bible in their own home. Please feel free to contact Jehovah's Witnesses in your locality, to use our electronic form, or to write the Watchtower Society at the appropriate address listed below.

    Branch Offices
    ALASKA 99507 2552 East 48th Ave., Anchorage
    ALBANIA Kutia postare 118, Tiranë
    ANGOLA Caixa Postal 6877, Luanda
    ARGENTINA Casilla de Correo 83 (Suc. 27B), 1427 Buenos Aires
    AUSTRALIA Box 280, Ingleburn, NSW 1890
    (also Bulgaria, Macedonia,Yugoslavia) Postfach 67, A-1134 Vienna
    BAHAMAS Box N-1247, Nassau, N.P.
    BARBADOS Fontabelle Rd., Bridgetown
    BELGIUM rue d'Argile-Potaardestraat 60, B-1950 Kraainem
    BELIZE Box 257, Belize City
    BENIN, REP. OF 06 B.P. 1131, Akpakpa pk 3, Cotonou
    BOLIVIA Casilla 6397, Santa Cruz
    BRAZIL Caixa Postal 92, 18270-970 Tatuí, SP
    BRITAIN The Ridgeway, London NW7 1RN
    CAMEROON B.P. 889, Douala
    CANADA Box 4100, Halton Hills (Georgetown), Ontario L7G 4Y4
    CHILE Casilla 267, Puente Alto
    COLOMBIA Apartado Aéreo 85058, Santa Fe de Bogotá 8, D.C
    CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF B.P. 634, Limete, Kinshasa
    COSTA RICA Apartado 187-3006, Barreal, Heredia
    CROATIA p.p. 58, HR-10090 Zagreb-Susedgrad
    CYPRUS P.O. Box 11033, CY-2550 Dali
    CZECH REPUBLIC P.O. Box 90, 198 21 Prague 9
    DENMARK Stenhusvej 28, DK-4300 Holbæk
    DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Apartado 1742, Santo Domingo
    ECUADOR Casilla 09-01-1334, Guayaquil
    EL SALVADOR Apartado Postal 401, San Salvador
    ESTONIA Postbox 1075, 10302 Tallinn
    ETHIOPIA P.O. Box 5522, Addis Ababa
    FIJI Box 23, Suva
    (also Latvia, Lithuania) Postbox 68, FIN-01301 Vantaa
    FRANCE B.P. 625, F-27406 Louviers cedex
    GERMANY Niederselters, Am Steinfels, D-65618 Selters
    GHANA P. O. Box GP 760, Accra
    GREECE 77 Kifisias Ave., GR-151 24, Marousi, Athens
    GUADELOUPE Monmain, 97180 Sainte Anne
    GUATEMALA Apartado postal 711, 01901 Guatemala
    GUYANA 50 Brickdam, Georgetown 16
    GUYANE FRANÇAISE (FRENCH GUIANA) CD 2, Route du Tigre, 97300 Cayenne
    HAITI Post Box 185, Port-au-Prince
    HAWAII 96819 2055 Kam IV Rd., Honolulu
    HONDURAS Apartado 147, Tegucigalpa
    HONG KONG 4 Kent Road, Kowloon Tong
    HUNGARY Cserkút u. 13, H-1162 Budapest
    INDIA Post Bag 10, Lonavla, Pune Dis., Mah. 410 401
    IRELAND Newcastle, Greystones, Co. Wicklow
    (also Israel) Via della Bufalotta 1281, I-00138 Rome RM
    JAMAICA P. O. Box 103, Old Harbour, St. Catherine
    JAPAN 1271 Nakashinden, Ebina City, Kanagawa Pref., 243-0496
    KENYA Box 47788, Nairobi
    KOREA, REPUBLIC OF Box 33 Pyungtaek P. O., Kyunggido, 450-600
    LIBERIA P.O. Box 10-0380, 1000 Monrovia 10
    LUXEMBOURG B. P. 2186, L-1021 Luxembourg, G. D
    MADAGASCAR B.P. 116, 105 Ivato
    MALAWI Box 30749, Lilongwe 3
    MALAYSIA Peti Surat No. 580, 75760 Melaka
    MARTINIQUE 20, rue de la Cour Campêche, 97200 Fort de France
    MAURITIUS Rue Baissac, Petit Verger, Pointe aux Sables
    MEXICO Apartado Postal 896, 06002 Mexico, D. F.
    MOZAMBIQUE Caixa Postal 2600, Maputo
    MYANMAR P.O. Box 62, Yangon
    NETHERLANDS Noordbargerstraat 77, NL-7812 AA Emmen
    NEW CALEDONIA BP 1741, 98874 Mont Dore
    NEW ZEALAND P O Box 75-142, Manurewa
    NICARAGUA Apartado 3587, Managua
    NIGERIA P.M.B. 1090, Benin City, Edo State
    NORWAY Gaupeveien 24, N-1914 Ytre Enebakk
    PANAMA Apartado 6-2671, Zona 6A, El Dorado
    PAPUA NEW GUINEA Box 636, Boroko, NCD 111
    PARAGUAY Casilla de Correo 482, 1209 Asunción
    PERU Apartado 18-1055, Lima 18
    PHILIPPINES, REPUBLIC OF P. O. Box 2044, 1060 Manila
    POLAND Skr. Poczt. 13, PL-05-830 Nadarzyn
    PORTUGAL Apartado 91, P-2766-955 Estoril
    PUERTO RICO 00970 P.O. Box 3980, Guaynabo
    (also Moldova) Casuta Postala nr. 132, O.P. 39 Bucuresti
    (also Georgia, Kazakhstan) ul. Srednyaya 6, p. Solnechnoye, 197739 St. Petersburg
    RWANDA B.P. 529, Kigali
    SLOVAKIA P.O. Box 17, 810 00 Bratislava 1
    SLOVENIA Poljanska cesta 77 A, p.p. 2019, SI-1001 Ljubljana
    SOLOMON ISLANDS P.O. Box 166, Honiara
    SOUTH AFRICA Private Bag X2067, Krugersdorp, 1740
    SPAIN Apartado 132, 28850 Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid)
    SRI LANKA, REP. OF 711 Station Road, Wattala 11300
    SURINAME P.O. Box 2914, Paramaribo
    SWEDEN Box 5, SE-732 21 Arboga
    SWITZERLAND P.O. Box 225, CH-3602 Thun
    TAHITI B.P. 7715, 98719 Taravao
    TAIWAN 327 3-12, Lin 7, Shetze Village, Hsinwu
    THAILAND 69/1 Soi Phasuk, Sukhumwit Rd., Soi 2, Bangkok 10110
    TOGO B.P. 4460, Lome
    TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, REP. OF Lower Rapsey Street & Laxmi Lane, Curepe
    UKRAINE P.O. Box 246, 79000 Lviv
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY 11201-2483
    URUGUAY Casilla 17030, 12500 Montevideo
    VENEZUELA Apartado 20.364, Caracas, DF 1020A
    ZAMBIA Box 33459, Lusaka 10101
    ZIMBABWE P. Bag A-6113, Avondale

    Contact your local office for addresses in the following countries: Antigua, Guam, Iceland, Pakistan, Samoa, Senegal, Sierra Leone.

    THESe last few must BE TOP SECRET!

  • Fredhall


    I hope you find time to check what in the magazines.

  • crossroads

    What is being written! You don't think these old men actually
    write this stuff do you? Great fantasies come from very
    imaganitive childeren.

  • Fredhall


    I rather have these old men write the articles rather than you. And don't fantasize to much about them. Why? Because they are already married.

  • crossroads

    Ouch that hurt. The point is they don't write them! HELLO
    They have a bunch of cronies like you or me doing the
    writing. Haven't you heard about the oracle yet?
    Well let me tell you-a little song from the 70's should do.
    "Freddie's dead thats what I said"
    Now you can choose to be a "dreamin' man' [Neil Young]
    if you like. But i'd rather live with the truth there is one way
    one light and one truth [OUR LORD JESUS].The good news
    is all about HIM. Please look at what all the apostels and
    disciples preached about. OH by the way there was no
    watchtower in there hands. No billion dollar corporation
    raping the followers. The leaders were poor they sold every
    thing. THE LEADER had nothing at ALL. Wonder what the
    LORD will turn over at his temple this time? Of course that
    has a big assumption to it like the Tower is his Fathers
    temple[which it is not]. So I venture to say your tables are safe
    from the over turning part because the LORD dosen't think
    of the tower that way. Well could go on and on but must
    be 'traveling further up the road'
    Praise the LORD; PEACE to ALL

  • Fredhall

    They may write some articles but not all of them.

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