Happy Equinox/Spring cleaning

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    Message From Caroline Myss

    message from a wonderful teacher....

    Happy Easter All -
    And Happy Equinox
    And Blessings on Passover

    Every one loves spring - which brings me to the subject of "spring
    cleaning." Personally, I adore house cleaning. First of all, it gets me
    out of this chair behind the computer, second - I can actually see the
    results of my labors instantly, third - I love the aftermath. I adore
    that sensation of ripping useless items of everything out of everywhere
    and pitching it anywhere I can get rid of it.
    And of course, spring house cleaning at the mundane level shifts to
    archetypal cleaning of the spiritual interior house.... which means
    emerging from the underworld, like Persephone, into the Spring, awaiting
    the planting of the new self.
    So here's my thoughts - I have become aware that now "time" has become
    my most precious commodity and I don't want to waste time with anything
    that does not matter in life anymore. I do not want to hold on to
    unnecessary history and I do not want to invest my life force into
    anything that truly does not help me celebrate being alive - I hope this
    is inspiring you, because I've begun to tell people in my workshops - as
    I am now sharing with you - that there comes a time in each of our
    lives, hopefully, when we should focus in on the business of living a
    life not regretting what we do not have and what has happened or not
    happened to us, but on finding something wonderful or hopeful about our
    lives each day - and even when that is as tough an order as it comes -
    then at least spend a few minutes in prayer asking for a life support
    But let us remind ourselves always that time and life are our two most
    special commodities - irreplaceable, like family members and friends who
    have gone before us. I've read many poems written by people who are
    dying or musing in their "old age", telling us how if they had it to "do
    again" - "it" meaning life, they would, "take time to smell flowers, to
    dance in the fields, to speak to the birds" - bla, bla stuff like that.
    (You can tell how I feel about that kind approach ain't my style). What
    is important, though, is to transfer into your spirits a sense of
    inspiration that says, "Help me not to lose sight of the gift of my life
    - Help me not to waste time living outside the moment."
    When I think of Easter and the archetype of "death and rebirth" that
    speaks to us through that Sacred story, I think there is great wisdom in
    spending time with oneself to find the dead within and bury these
    memories or negative patterns in "earth" that is other than the earth of
    your body and life. Think about the cosmic energies that surround us
    right now - the energy of Aires - new beginnings - and the whole of
    Mother Nature that is calling for the resurrection of all of life.
    Rituals are very powerful and let me suggest one for "death and rebirth"
    that comes from the rituals practiced in ancient, biblical times. As is
    well known, oils were used to anoint the bodies of the dead. This was
    done to purify the spirit, releasing all negativity from the spirit in
    order that it could make the journey to the spiritual realm without
    obstruction. Let me suggest that as an ritual symbolic of the desire to
    release the "dead", retrieve your spirit, and "ascend" to a higher
    plateau of consciousness - write down on a piece of paper all of these
    recalls. Then anoint that paper with oil, as if it represented a part
    of the body of your life that you wish to bless for it's purpose and
    release because its time is over. Then burn it. The use of sacred oil
    grounds this ritual - makes it real, makes it feel so tangible, so
    alive, that you can almost feel the memories being drawn out of your
    cell tissue.
    I also recommend that people conduct this "death and resurrection" - or
    this Easter - spring - Equinox ritual whenever they need to bury the
    past and resurrect with fresh life. Even the symbolism of Passover
    profoundly serves this type of ritual in that the Hebrews were warned to
    paint blood on the doors of their homes from the Angel of Death was
    descending in order to take the first born from every Egyptian family.
    Some biblical anthropologists have suggested that the substance that the
    Hebrews painted on the doors was a mixture of blood and sacred oil -
    allowing that which was potentially destructive to "Passover" their
    homes. There is profound imagery in that - a ritual of protection so
    that negativity might "Passover" your energy field.
    However you wish to view these prayer rituals, recognize that the common
    bond is one of the archetype of "death and rebirth" - and that this is
    the cosmic or spiritual time of year that the Heavens have declared
    serve that purpose. Think about taking advantage of the natural
    spiritual alignment of life.
    Have a blessed April



  • IslandWoman

    Thank you, stephenw20.

    "Spring Cleaning" has been on my mind the last few weeks. It is really very interesting this leaving the JWs thing, this learning to live thing, this accepting the unacceptable thing, this learning to recognize the approaching turn in the road thing.

    Fear of throwing away something we might need later or that we have become attached to but really no longer need keeps us from "clearing away" and making room for new ways, new "things" to be discovered around that turn in the road.

    So, to go along with your theme it is time to "put to sleep" some things, burn others, and keep the "me"!

    Happy Equinox/Spring Cleaning!


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