Someone updated the AM Hack list LOL

by ApostaCee 7 Replies latest jw friends

  • ApostaCee

    Hi all,

    Long time lurker here! There's an email circulating amongst those in the Org saying that "apostates" are updating/have updated the Ashley Madison hacked list with GB members, COs, and elders/elderettes. Can anyone verify this? Or is this just some org madness? This would be too funny if it's true.

  • GodZoo

    They are just covering their asses when it's discovered that in fact there are could possibly be , DO's, CO's elders and/or their wives etc on the list.

    Wow.. I guess even if a new life form were discovered on another planet they would say apostates out it there. The levels of utter stupidity of these people just keeps on growing.

  • OneEyedJoe
    yeah, smells like they're just covering their asses so that they don't have to punish any of the higher-ups. The imperfect men excuse only plays so well in some cases I guess.
  • sparrowdown
    An email claiming Papa Smurf was on the AM website will shortly follow that one.
  • Clickster
    This is utter bupkas. There is now no single source of the AM data. It has been downloaded by many individuals, some of which have then made the dB searchable online.
  • Vidiot

    GodZoo - "I guess even if a new life form were discovered on another planet they would say apostates put it there."

    They'd just imply that "Satan's World" somehow fabricated the evidence (or simply lied) in an effort to undermine the R&F's faith, and remind them to pray more, go in more FS, attend more meetings, associate more, and study WT publications more.

    Nothing less than full-on Independence-Day- or V-style first contact would make a significant impact, and the response from a lot of hard-core loyalist JWs would be extreme cognitive dissonance, nervous breakdowns, and suicides.

  • Stealth

    I have the email addys of about 300 JWs some I know but most I do not know.

    Of the 300 addresses I found 3 in the AM database or about 1%.

  • username
    I think most of us here are aware that there will be many active jws no matter their rank will be included in the hacked list. Be interested to see who pops up as it starts to filter through.

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