CO layoff buzz. Anyone heard anything?

by freemindfade 16 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • freemindfade
    Heard of some co's being "let go". Anyone else heard anything like this in the last few days?
  • Sabin
    Is that just in the U.S.A?
  • sparrowdown
    Haven't heard anything but hope so.
  • Ignoranceisbliss
    Just a post I am following on FB EXJWRG3. Prob the same thing u r following.
  • freemindfade
    Someone mentioned the post to me. And I wondered if anyone else knows of any co's getting the boot
  • berrygerry

    This wouldn't make sense unless they were older IMO.

    I cannot imagine anyone with the necessary skillset that would ever want to be a CO.

  • Ignoranceisbliss
    I haven't heard anything. There has to be a certain number they need to cover the U.S. Territory. If they start dissolving more halls or if they change it to one visit per hall per year then they could get rid of quite a few. I don't think that's happening yet though.
  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I keep expecting the GB to put visit rotations at yearly.

    This would eliminate the need for 50 percent of the COs.

  • _Morpheus
    Not sure about that onegen. The co's are nessary to keep elder bodies in line. They are the 'hounder hounders' of the org
  • pepperheart
    True they are needed to keep the elders in line but money is money

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