My son: So my son and i were talking yesterday. He was asking if mom was still mad at me (i.e. my wife)

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  • goingthruthemotions

    me: of course, she is always mad at me. I am sorry for ever getting involved in this cult of a religion. don't ever get involved.

    him: i won't, i see how the people are. you know dad, i hate to say this and you will get mad me for saying this.

    me: nah, don't worry...i won't get mad. you could tell me anything. you now that.

    him: i know.... me and my brother could walk aways from this once we get old enough. but your stuck...i am sorry to say that.

    me: i know son...not unless i want to ruin my marriage. it is said this has to be the case, where a religion will make you choose. my advice to you is...first chance you get never go back. if your still living at home and she want's to kick you out for not going. i will put my foot down, and not let that happen! i have your back. i love you will all my heart.

    him: i know....i love you to dad.

    i am glad he see's it for what it is sad that he knows i am stuck...but glad he could tell the difference.

    i hate this cult...if i could turn back time.

  • GrreatTeacher
    That's great! It must be quite the relief to hear his clear thinking on the matter.
  • Vidiot

    Cool; an overlapping generational exit.

  • millie210

    What a great Dad you are!

    I wish I had a parent like you when I was growing up!!!

  • truthseekeriam
    It's amazing how the kids see it for what it is. They just go along with it to keep their parents happy, but they see the BS a mile away.

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