O my God - QCS Telecom, inc

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  • Gorbatchov

    How blessed we are with Google. With some little information, it is possible to expose the current Watchtower corporations.

    We read earlier about QCS Telecom,inc that was transferred from the JW Florida professor Hachman.

    Hachman is owning the JWHSF.org and more domains, used by Watchtower.

    Now, on linked in, some "brother" that works for QCS describes about his work and QCS Telecom.

    It seems to me, Watchtower is using QCS for his own 100GB internet and deliver this product by QCS on the market.

    All my grandparrents stood for, poor JW's devoting their whole live to this organization is thrown away. They are openly commercial.

    Read it:

    Project Manager for QCSTelecom, Inc. in NY State. Long-Haul OSP fiber provider. 100G backbone being proposed for 200 mile fiber ring in the lower Hudson valley. 20 Years of experience in the arena of Data Center Management & Campus Infrastructure has provided an education that has prepared me for this project.

    Additionally, I provide recommendations for the following technologies: This includes but not limited to Racking, Flooring, UPS, Generator, CRAC, Fiber Optic Connectivity, Copper Connectivity, Interbay Solutions, Network Monitoring, and Infrastructure Monitoring.

    Specialties: Solutions in the OSP & Data Center environment are focused on open source and non-proprietary standards.

    When not working, my wife and I are involved in extensive community volunteer programs, and running marathons.

    Project Field Manager for Telecommunications Carrier in NY State. Long-Haul OSP fiber provider. 100G backbone being proposed for lower Hudson valley.

  • cultBgone
    Are they actually setting up a commercial network, or one that will host All Things Jw to keep the captive masses off the Real World Internet?
  • nonjwspouse
    I fully believe this is the intent
  • oppostate

    Religious monopolizing.

  • JustVisting
    Are you implying that WT is going to offer some kind of pre-filtered internet/VOIP telephone service to JWs through QCS Telecom at a discounted rate (based on 3 month rolling average of publisher service hours)?
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    i doubt it. this is just more of the insane theory-crafting the happens on these boards.
  • nonjwspouse

    Barrold, yet here have been other "insane theory crafting" that ultimately turn out Realistic, and spot on.

    This does not seem to be out of reach.

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