Alan do you sign your RF chips?

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  • one

    If you do, by chance is it a logo of a TOWER with an antenna on top
    radiating RF truth?

    Or is it a light concentrating fiber carrying high energy of "truth about the truth" ?

    Sorry for the silly q.,4152,533227,00.html)

    Microchip art is a microscopic non-functioning drawing impressed
    on the surface of the design mask used in the production of microchips.
    The art, which grew out of the tradition of having chip designers
    "sign" their work, is created by etching into the upper metallic
    layers of the chip in an unused corner of the chip mask.

  • AlanF

    No, I've never signed any chip I've been involved in making. The companies I've worked for haven't permitted it.

    I kind of like that image of a tower with an antenna.


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