Lets play a game..Lets re-enact the slaughter of children yay!

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  • username

    Over on the pro JW forum a poster asked what kind of games could be played at a party...

    ...In true genocidal fashion this was one of the suggestions!

    just went through the experiences of Elisha, and how he saved the lives of the miscarried children of Jericho, and then some ungrateful children spoke to him disrespectfully, and 42 of them lost their lives, and so many other things. Maybe you can do a costume party on the life and activities of Elisha. Somebody can be Naaman, or the little Israelite girl, or Gehazi, or the son who died, and his mother. It would be a great way to remind ourselves of those events. Each person could have a clue card and correct answers can get small awards.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    This is one of the sick stories in the bible. Elisha is a little temperamental about

    his baldness, so what does he do? He kill 42 immature kids.

    So my costume party, I show my baldness to all the young people present and

    the older folks dress like bears and throw all the young people out on their ass

    for laughing. Then we( older folks) can bring out the Jack and have a real party.

    How do you curse someone in the name of the LORD? Elisha did that.

  • sir82
    For a change of pace, you could also play "Lot and his daughters". The only props you need are a bottle or 6 of Jack Daniels.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    True story: The ex and I were in the borg about a year, so we had a gathering in

    our home. We had plan to have a fake argument in the present of the friends and

    then reveal this was planned and have a discussion how would you handle this with

    new ones. We(wife and I) were in the kitchen and we preceded with our plan and

    made sure the friends could here us from the kitchen. We could here and it got very quiet

    in the in the living room.LOL

    One of the elders present snatched his hat, coat and wife and was heading for the door.

    As he was heading for the door he was heard mumbling, they need to keep that stuff behind

    close doors, not the place for this. So I came out to explain to him it this was all a plan to have

    a discussion. That same elder was caught years later for having an affair and the affair had

    been going on for years.

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