a rare condition

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  • Tallyman

    a few here who might appreciate the humor...


  • conflicted

    LOL, that's great. Very funny!

  • twvsnt


    LOL that looks like the perfect advertisment for any pharmaceutical company trying to get people drugged on medication for conditions that don't even exist. I remember reading in a newspaper article about research that found that people whose hair isnt always in place have lower self esteem then people who almost always have a 'good hair day'. Then directly below this article, not on the next page or near the end of the newspaper but directly below this very same article there was an article adveritsing a new shampoo that guarenteed that you'd never have a bad day because it helps hold harirsyles longer than your average shampoo leaving you to feel good about yourself.

  • one

    wide spread bad health, obesity etc, IMO, says a lot about how well educated a sociaty in general is OR how much self control and discilpline the affected one. I am talking about health problems mainly produced by 'bad' habits.

    Succesful people usually have that "rare condition"

    my two

  • nicolaou

    Nice one Tallyman!
    Thought you might also appreciate this in the same vein, it is in fact the main 'welcome' image to my site.

    Nic' http://content.communities.msn.co.uk/isapi/fetch.dll?action=view_photo&ID_Community=altJehovahsWitnesses&ID_Topic=1&ID_Message=2

    . http://communities.msn.co.uk/altJehovahsWitnesses

  • Flip

    Hey Nic, any idea if that billboard was digitally enhanced, or is the yellow/red, JW/suds one displayed, a verbatim advertisement?

    Regardless, it was very ummmm, errr...should I say...ahh...rye humour?


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