R.I.P. Wrangler Jane - Melody patterson

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  • smiddy

    Actor Melody Patterson best known for her role as Wrangler Jane on the 1960`s T.V.comedy western F Troop , has died at age 66 .

    She hid her age from producers , being only 16 when she got the part.

    Her other TV credits included The Monkees , Green Acres , and Hawaii Five O .

    Her husband was Danno from that show from 1970--75

    I loved that show F Troop

    R.I.P. Melody ( Wrangler ) Patterson


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    So sad to hear this news. I was taught that she would have been a little older than 66 as wasn't very old when F Troop was on TV. That was one of my favorite shows growing up. I have watched the show in re-runs now and it just isn't as good as I remembered it. I guess age changes our taste in entertainment.
  • smiddy

    I am very surprised that their was only one response to this post ? Were W.P. and myself the only ones who watched F.Troop ? or any other shows that melody appeared in ?

    Surely not.


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