Proof that GB is more important than Holy Spirit

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  • yesidid

    Quote from Watchtower March 15, 2002 presented for your perusal:

    "9 How reassuring to know that Jesus Christ provides leadership to his disciples today through the Governing Body, the holy spirit, and the angels! Even if some of Jehovah's worshipers were to become temporarily isolated from the Governing Body because of persecution or the like, Christ would still provide leadership by means of the holy spirit and angelic support. However, we benefit from his leadership only when we accept it."

    We were most relieved and reassured to note we could get at least temporary support from our Lord through his angels and the Holy Spirit if we were "temporarily isolated from the Governing Body".

    What we noticed was that they have their piorities sorted out.

    1. Governing Body, Holy Spirit and angles in that order.

    2. Governing Body in capitals and Holy Spirit in lower case.

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