HELP!! Earth & Beyond

by pettygrudger 2 Replies latest social entertainment

  • pettygrudger

    For my son's birthday - we purchased him an interactive internet game called Earth & Beyond (you download the C.D. & then pay a monthly subscription fee for the website). Anyways - the game worked perfectly until Wednesday night when MSN crashed for like 6 hours. My son hooked up to the Internet via Compuserve anyways, but the game was faulty at best. Now, everytime we try to play the game online - it boots us out (lose the connection). We've tried everything - and from all diagnostics the hardware's working fine.

    Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this problem? Its quite infuriating.

  • heathen

    The only solution I can think of is to upgrade your net connection to a cable . From what I hear dial up is not good for gameing . Don't feel bad I bought a game and can't even get the friggen thing to load.

  • pettygrudger

    Thanks - that's what I'm thinking too...(sigh) - this stuff should come w/disclaimers!

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