Tabloid predictions for 2003

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  • whyhideit

    I was in the check stand at the local grocery store this evening, and the tabloids had their annual predictions for 2003. So I thought I would give a few of my own. Feel free to add, and at the end of the year we can see if any of them come true. By the way, saying that war with Iraq is coming is to obvious. Make them sound possible, but unreachable. That seems to be the trick, from what I was reading in the check out line.

    1. North Korea will nuke South Korea

    2. Russia will have another large nuclear accident with a outdated reactor.

    3. The United States economy will show little if no growth for the year.

    4. Australia will have worse drought in recorded history.

    5. Cloned baby will end up being revealed as complete scam.

    6. Alien will reveal themselves to mankind, and we will discover that they have been planting brain controlling drugs in beer.

    7. Assassination attempt will be made on George W. Bush.

    8. Terrorist detonate a nuclear device on the west coast of the United States.

    9. Chinese attempt invasion of California.

    10. Despite all the centuries of warnings, all the guilt of religion, all the warnings of science about disease, and all the posters telling people to think twice. By years end, "PEOPLE WILL STILL BE HAVING SEX!"

    Well the others might happen, but I know that I will be working hard on number 10 all year.

  • Michael3000

    7. Assassination attempt will be made on George W. Bush.

    Why? Dick Cheney is already the Prez, ain't he?

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