another molester exposed

by zev 9 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • zev

    here in nearby seekonk massachusetts.

    must use explorer and windows media player.

    i personally knew this one.

  • willdabeerman

    hummmm....thanx 4 tha post. i just emailed it to my elder dad. lets see what he says about all the abuse being isolated cases now.ill bet he would tell me,if only he spoke with me.but nonetheless hell get this and it just adds yet another notch to the almighty witnesses.

  • JH

    Thanks for the report. (by their fruits........)

  • Scully

    Any idea how long the video will be available for viewing? I'm at work and we don't have any media players installed on the system, so I'd like to be able to see it in the morning when I'm back at home.

    Love, Scully

  • orangefatcat

    I remember many years ago my in the 60's my grandfather said that religious leaders would be exposed for their evil ways and that they would deny that they are leaders of Christ and say that they are workers in the fields and they do no evils deeds. Well I do believe he backed that up with scripture. I do forget where. My point is that for so long JW's have blamed the churches of Christendom (their word) that they have done preverted deeds to children and have covered it up for ages and now it has all become exposed. Well the JW's are included it just took a little longer to expose them. And now they deny it and they wish they were doing something else like working at something else or hoping they would never get caught on account of the code of silence. The are friggin worse then the clergy. I am not minimizing what the clergy have done, but JW's have hidden under a cloakof goodness and purity only to be purely evil they remind me of the dungeons and dragons or anything evil that is covered to appear as white snow. The Jehovahs Witnesses have lied to its congregations and is continuing to do so. The people (JW's) are being dragged deeper into the grave of dead mens bones. Which of course appears white on the outside. Who really are the Vipers? and Who really are the Hypocrites.? Was Jesus taking about the modern day christian who pretended to be good but was more evil than the religions of the rest of the world? Zev thanks for sharing this with us. I know I appreciate it very much.

    Love Orangefatcat

  • hillbilly

    I have to think that the Media will "find" JW stories on a very regular basis. Last years media exlporations were good, now the "working press" has the scent and I feel they will become a pack of hounds.

    I seem to think we will see a fresh case some where in North America come to light every month. Ms. Norris and the other Attys. smell a rat and moral among JW's is at a low ebb... We have all the factors for some major "heat" on the WTBTS.

    We know that they are out there------- let's go get em.


    (hopes to see J R BROWN choppin' cotton in West Tennesse myself class)

  • izobcenec

    Hello Talleyman!!! Nice to see your website back online!!!

  • Mary

    Yep, the charges against the Borg are like the Energizer Bunny.............they keep going and going and going...............the Borg is going to have to make SOME sort of announcement one day. I mean, my God, there's simply too many frigging cases for them to keep ignoring it...........

    Yes, "by their fruits you will recognize them."

    We certainly have.

  • Scully

    Tom Talley writes:

    I just mailed it to you, because the TV Station had a feature beside
    the video box to do so.
    I emailed it to myself to see if it works and it does, just fine.

    So, hopefully that preserved it for you.

    Thank you! I'm looking forward to having a peek at it tomorrow morning when I get home.

    Love, Scully

  • zev

    if anyone can figure out how to capture this video, i certainly would appreciate it allot.

    tried as i might i cant seem to get this captured to a file.

    i even tried to use streambox vcr and cant do it.

    any guru's and dorks like me out there that can lend me a hand?

    thanks a bunch!


    gwen and i met randy cardoza at the s.l. march in brooklyn in september.

    randy, thank you for what you have done. please thank your cousin as well. coming forward and speaking out about this is very hard.

    bringing this to the public for them to see may help others come forward, as well as make people aware there is a criminal, of the worst kind in their midst.

    our thoughts and prayers are with both of you.

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