Progress on Anti-Aging!

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  • metatron

    The latest Discover magazine (May 2001 pg.16) has an interview with
    evolutionary biologist Michael Rose. He has engineered an enormous
    increase in lifespan and vigor in fruitflies - a real demonstration
    of understanding the aging problem and fixing it. He says:
    "Aging just isn't some God-given inevitable thing. It is something
    you can change and control"
    In regard to people being opposed to doing away with aging on
    religious grounds, he says "I am all for those people dying"(!).

    I don't think opposition to anti-aging has much of a future
    if its proponents die off and its opponents decide to live!


  • joelbear

    I am against anti aging for the simple reason that I believe the earth belongs to all the inhabitants, not just human.

    I am also realistic to realize that my position will never win. The earth will eventually be filled with humans and domestic animals and after that just humans and protein plants.

    Soylent Green, here we come, but hey we can live so much longer.

    Quality not quantity



  • Moxy

    mmmmm.... soylent greeeen.....

  • dmouse

    I hope you are right, metatron. Hell, the thought of dying scares the shit outta me! I wanna live forever, give me the pill - now!

    "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work - I want to achieve it through not dying" - Woody Allen.

  • metatron

    Dude, don't be so negative about it. Changing the life span
    will change people for the better. People won't be so
    driven by mortality. People will be less approving of war.
    They'll take a l-o-n-g-e-r view of things.
    Do people ever decline to plant fruit trees because
    "they'll never live to see any fruit"? or black walnuts
    for the same reason? It will cause population growth to slow down
    even further, just as it has in Western nations already (relative
    to starving Third World countries)

    It's gonna be the greatest improvement in the human
    condition since the discovery of fire! (or indoor plumbing!)

    metatron (I was told that people taste kinda like pork....)

  • metatron

    Spend 75 bucks and join Life Extension! Their magazine is
    well-researched and will tell you things no one else

    metatron (hey, it's my cause!)

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