Trying to look up ex elder Jack London

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  • outbackaussie

    After a catch up phone call with a friend who left the WT around the same time as me, I learned that an elder from my old cong has since left as well and considered apostate. I would like to catch up with Jack London and his wife Nacy, so if any of you Aussies know him or his whereabouts please email me at [email protected] it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Abaddon

    I knew a Jack London in the Borg... could it be the same one? Was the one you know in the UK at any time?

  • Sparks

    Hi, yes I have had the pleasure of being a friend of Jack`s here in England,back in the mid seventies, but UNFORTUNATLY lost contact with him also....But I hope these details will help.Jack London came from Sydney congregation in Australia where he was an Elder, but wasn`t made-up in Chelsea cong: in London where I met him.Jack worked for Taurus Window Cleaning Co.Ltd as a top grade window cleaner/foreman and drove a Mini-van.He was about 28 then and good looking.Jack employed me and tault me the trade, we became good friends.Jack was seperated from his wife,she was living in Glasgow(Scotland)so he came to England to sort things out-one way or another.....In 1975 many fell out the truth in Chelsea cong: incluediing the P.O...I moved out of London just after,and lost contact with Jack( dam-it !!!).I married and returned to London to see Jack in 1985 but he and all but 2 witnesses I knew where gone....SORRY thats all I can think of that might help...........Jack`s a lovely man with a big heart and great sense of humour,I do hope you find him.He gave me a present 30 years ago I still treasure..A brass squeegy..!!!He handed it to me and said in his great booming Aussie accent...`keep this George because where-ever you go in the world your never go hungry and you will always have employment`...(he was right too, what a great guy!!!) I`m sorry the witnesses have labeled Jack an apostate; It dosen`t take much for them to MARK you or turn their so-called `love` to out-right hatered.......their like wild cats that purrrr when you say and do what they want( or Brown-nose them)or they turn on you in a split-second and tear your guts out in public....And Jack was never a Brown-nose..............VERY BEST WISHES AND LUCK FINDING DEAR JACK LONDON........George Cleannoz

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