I approached my Dub Sister, Part 2

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    Hi all, thought I'd keep you up to date............you need to look at the first post to get the background, it still on this page....to cut it short I again emailed my dub Sister late last night re family business and ended with "hey and did you know the the watchtower have shares in a company that premote Warfare Technology", not thinking that she would reply till at least Monday.......gosh logged on this morning and here is her reply, which I'm sure you appreciate with the family and personal details taken out, after that is my reply, your comments please....and please no thanks to me, the thanks goes to all on this board who continue to fight against what is wrong. (her first comment is because we had dicussed the blood issue before and yes she's inviting me to the KH!!!!!!!!!

    J Gull "We have got a HLC talk at the kingdom hall. All about the blood. Come if you want. Anyway where did you get the information about the WT having shares in a company that deals with weapons technology. I am still looking into the UN thing. I need really to speak to the society. I know ones that are on the service desk. It is just a matter of time and picking the right time to do it. I am not offended by your questions but they are not really your questions are they, it seems as though you have just cut and pasted from an apostate web site. But I will look through them and answer them. Many I can answer myself but need to look up info on some of them.

    My Reply

    Hi yayeah just about ready to go back to work on Monday, I might be hearing about a job in xxxx which brings me closer to home, so that would be nice. No xxx didnt mention any money, but to be honest never expected him too. Yes xxxxx said that after seeing xxxx, she will know what to do.Come to a talk on Blood?......thanks for the invite,,,ooooh not sure, would have to know what my standing is? fell away, disassociated, dont want to be sat at the back like a naughty schoolboy etc, besides Id want to ask waaaaay too many questions.like

    a) How does the Governing body determine what is a major component of blood is? And what a minor component is? because its not scriptural is it? And

    b) Being that the society once thought it scriptural not to take an organ transplant, what are the chances that the society will change its mind on blood transfusions?

    c) And last but not least, Jehovahs Witnesses really dont abstain from blood because if Blood equals the sum of its components then what does blood consist of?

    Apostate web site, mmmmm you might be surprised to know that that information comes from the Association of Jehovahs Witnesses for Reform of Blood.witnesses of good standing who believe the Society are wrong and yes I expect apostate because if there are found out who they are, and speaking against the Society (not Jehovah) like that would get them at least a good slap on the wrists. The way I see it, is that its information, information that you couldnt get 10/15 years ago, at the touch of a button. If you wanted to research the Societys history 15 years ago, you would have to have gone to the Library at the back of the Kingdom Hall, now its all there for people to seeIve seen the Watchtower and KMs which talk about the internet and that the apostates that are out there, and the suggestions to people like you, that false information is spread about. The society can not stem this information flow forever. You might think Im being a bit over the top on this, but to quote a watchtower any religion that claims to be the sole channel of communication between God and man, deserves to be examined and if found wanting deserves to be criticised. (Ill give you that exact Watchtower at a later date). So by their very own words Im examining and Im glad youre not offended. Yes I think you need to write the service department to verify certain information, you need to see for yourself what is information is kept away from you.

    Concerning the warfare technology, its a tad complicated and needs a lot of research, which I hope you will do but this is the simplest way I can explain it. There are three companies of which the Watchtower Society owns shares:

    The Watchtower Society has 50% ownership of Rand Cam Engine Corp (1)

    Rand Cam Engine Corp own 49% of Rand Energy Group Inc (2)

    The Watchtower has 45% ownership of Rand Energy Group Inc sister company: Regi link. (3)

    These shares were donated to the Watchtower Society and have retained ownership for over 16 years.

    These companies are dedicated to research & development and marketing of Rand Cam engine technology of which they own the rights and several patents. None of these Companies" fabricate neither bombs nor ammunition of any kind.

    But REGIs management seeks out and has obtained- U.S. Department of Defenses awards, funding and subcontracts to supply the U.S. Department of Defence with RC technology. REGIs management has signed numerous agreements with some powerful warfare-technology contractors. A military expert as Marketing Corporate Director now leads REGI. (Please do not take this on face value, find out for yourself)

    The WT Society may not have asked for its donated shares, but has retained ownership nonetheless, and while the Donor retains voting privileges, the WT Society gets the direct financial benefit.

    XXXXX, write to the service department and before they answer you bear in mind the following:

    As chief shareholders, the Watchtower Society has received no less than 52 SEC filing copies (akin to our inland revenue) plus -at least- 60 official news releases by REGI updating them on their companys progress. And this is in addition to the thousands of financial reports, memos and other internal correspondence required to operate such corporations for more than 16 years.

    Anyway thats it for nowtake care



    I'll keep you all posted

    J Gull

  • ugg

    you have done an outstanding job.......way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Keep us posted

  • Been there
    Been there

    Outstanding job!!!!

    It didn't sound pushy or anything. It kinda draws you out in a non threatening way. Good Luck. Your sister sounds interested.

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    Good job on getting your sister to start thinking about and researching this stuff for herself. I wish you all the best in your efforts in prodding her to start thinking more outside the JW box. Take care and have faith!


  • Dia

    Do you know the stock (ticker) symbols for the companies in which they own shares?


  • Gerard

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  • Gerard
    Do you know the stock (ticker) symbols for the companies in which they own shares?

    Their only company trading common stocks is REGI U.S., Inc. OTC BB: RGUS.OB


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