Memorial and Marketing

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  • JH

    I looked at the memorial attendance for 2001 on the Watchtowers site, and it adds up to 15,375,000 people who attended the memorial world wide.

    Although there is only 6,117,000 witnesses in the world, do you believe that these additional 9.200,000 people who attended the memorial will one day fall into the hands of the Watchtower?

    If the memorial didn't exist, then 9.2 million people wouldn't have went to the hall in the first place. It seems as if the memorial is also a marketing campaign.

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  • Elsewhere

    The extra people attending the memorial are:

    • Inactive publishers
    • Unbaptised relatives of JWs
    • Studies
    • Worldly "friends" of JWs (oops!)
    • DFed people "striving to return"
    • Total strangers who were invited to attend during the special "invitation" field service before the memorial.
  • heathen

    WoW , That's more than I could have imagined . Over 9 million people showed up just to pass the wine and bread around like an idiot .I was never a dub but still aware of their belief and the symbolic referrence of the occassion and no I don't feel guilty about not going ,the only reason I went last year was so I could walk out during the whole ridiculous thing . The scripture they refer to as meaning people would observe this doesn't hold up to any reason what so ever .Jesus said something like unless you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood you have no life in you what so ever.

  • outnfree


    My family and my sister-in-law's family would have represented two baptized JWs and seven kids between us the last year that we went. I am DA'd, my s-i-l is inactive and not one of the kids is in the cult. So, no, I don't think the potential for a more than double the number of active Witness increase is there at all.


  • freedom96

    Those who attend just on the memorial seem to not really care about the rest of it all, so I am not too worried about them falling victim to the WTS.

    Also, I cannot imagine anyone who went to the memorial would have gotten all excited and joined up. Talk about a dull boring night.

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