No Proof, No Rigour, No Truth

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  • metatron

    There's an interesting set of posts over at concerning Greg Stafford.

    As the posts progress, something becomes clear that I've been saying for quite
    a while.

    There is no depth of defense of the 'truth'. There is no effective, rigourous,
    apologia of its doctrines and self-appointed position on earth. Loyal JW defenders
    simply shut off discussion and refuse to speak when confronted with the evidence
    of mistakes and false prophecy, going back over decades.

    In the field of reason, it is a sham.

    Godspeed to Greg. He did his best, out of a spirit of loyalty - and failed.
    I wish him well in his journey of faith - and whatever the Watchtower Pharisees
    impose on him.

    Buena Suerte


  • SixofNine

    Was that what it was, loyalty?

    I don't mean to be flippant, but I often wonder what the hell is up with so called scholars like Stafford? It took me all of one week to research and know that the "truth" was a lie that killed people, once I was willing to look at it critically. On reflection, had I read Staffords books prior to my other research, I might have been confused into staying longer. *shudder*

    Now I'm hearing that there is actually a group of "scholarly witnesses" who get together yearly? What could they possibly be doing but joining in mutual mental masturbation?

    Hillary, Alan, Metatron, someone, tell me what I'm missing here.

    Btw, a couple of years ago, when Staffords ego drove him to fake an ID and post a congratulatory "winning" backslap to himself after losing a debate, Mr. Stafford was not a good man.

    Godspeed on your journy to becoming a decent honest member of this beautiful worldly society, Mr. Stafford.

    The great irony of all of this, is that Staffords work/evolution will no doubt help free some from the Orwellian Society. For that I am grateful, in spite of my distaste for his past apologia.

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  • jschwehm

    Interesting post by Greg.

    It seems that he will be going the same way as many other internet JW apologists. I have to say that I am not surprised by this. Greg is definitely on his way out in one way or another.

    That is good news.

    Jeff S.

  • Francois

    I don't know much about Greg Stafford (but would like to), but I do know that there IS a JW apologia. It's the entire body of their publication "Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose" published in 1959.

    As an apologia, it makes a good door-stop. You have to have been soaking in JW so-called "theology" and be open to their teaching and inerpretations in order to buy into the apologia in the first place. In fact, it's so ineffective that - at 14 years of age, which is what I was when it came out - it was the single biggest bump in the intellectual road for me. The seeds that stupid publication planted in my psyche grew in just a few years into outright rejection of the JWs and a face-to-face challenge to the elders in my congo. They lost.

    I'd love to have a copy of that book, but most people who have one want $90.00 for it, and I ain't paying no $90.00 for ANYTHING that comes outta that place.


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