TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!

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  • Jesika

    If this has been posted before I am sis sent this to me via email, thought I would share......

    DUH!! We can never have too much "stuff." Run, Bullwinkle, run!! 80% guaranteed. This town is trying to reduce its local population. Make your choice and start your engines Thanks, but I think I'll just keep driving. Do you reckon they ran out of Canola oil? I believe I'll just keep shopping at Kroger Supermarkets Maybe the sign should have read
    "Pass With Care - Right Side Up"
    Younger painters need not apply! Perfect road for a getaway. Besides, they aren't in season right now! Sure hope everyone brought along an empty coffee can or a mason jar. They actually have to put a sign up to
    keep people from doing this?

    So does that mean you can't leave a body part and go shopping while your tattoo is being done?
    Why not? Oh, there has to be some circumstance
    when it's allowed.
    I wonder how long they'd remain your best friend? Who says you can't be in two places at once? Gee thanks! Fast elderly people must cross elsewhere. Now, as you drive down the highways and byways, enjoying these funny signs, if you ever come across...a two-story outhouse - use the upper one.
  • songmistress

    Hey Jes

    All I see is them little red x's

  • Mackin

    Me too. Nothin but red X's all of em.


  • hamptonite21

    didnt work jes

  • PopeOfEruke

    aeehh - I've seen funnier.


    Seriously Jesika, it seems you have posted links to some pictures active within a Yahoo session of some sort. When I try to display the picture directly, I get an error saying Yahoo session has timed out. Have you ever used a computer before?

  • Jesika

    Damn, forgot about the picture issue.

    Sorry I tried...........

    I just sent the email to Hamptonite21. Hopefully he can get it to work.

    Pope, I have only been on the net since June 2002. Yes I still have alot to learn

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Nice x.

  • Jesika

    Ok guys, so who can I forward this email to that can fix this for me??

  • Mackin


    You can send it to me if you want and I'll put them on my page.


  • Jesika


    You have mail!!


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