Toronto TV Netwk requests reps against blood polcy

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  • blondie

    I'll repost this on its own topic which it deserves. TORONTO INTERVIEW REQUEST FOR INDIVIDUALS TO SPEAK AGAINST JW BLOOD TRANSFUSION POLICY: I am the host and segment producer for the television program, 360 Vision on Vision Television Network. As part of the hour-long weekly program, I produce a segment called 'Double Vision', one that explores difficult ethical questions related to faith, and ultimately offers a balanced perspective and perhaps leads to the best and mutually beneficial middle ground. It is within this context that I am posting a message here. The segment I am currently producing asks the question: What happens when medical treatment collides with religious beliefs?

    Specifically, I am using the example of Jehovah's Witness' refusal of blood transfusions as part of medical treatment. To show a balanced perspective, I require an interview with an individual who feels this is not an appropriate request for a faith group to make of its members. Could someone please come forward or suggest a person (based in Toronto) who could speak on this matter? I intend for the interview to last no longer than 10 minutes in length, and hopefully to take place within the time frame of January 3 - 9th, 2003. Kind regards, Jelena Mihajlovic [email protected] 416. 368.3194 ext.504

  • Beans

    Blondie, e-mail Quotes!!!!!! I would do it but my knowledge is really bad on this topic!!!

  • Scully

    I offered my services a while back when Lee Elder put out requests for assistance on this project. Both from the perspective of a former JW, and as a health care professional. They declined my offer. At the time, I was informed by the producer that they were going to interview Shunned Father. They have my information, and know they can contact me, but they have not.

    I don't think they are as interested in presenting a balanced viewpoint as they want us to believe.

    Love, Scully

  • Beans

    I sent Jelena an e-mail with some links to the blood topics on the Quotes site, so if they want to contact us were available!

    Bloody Beans

  • blondie

    I know as much as all of you. This was posted on my WT Comments thread and I thought it would better exposure on a thread of its own. I have no personal knowledge of this person.


  • hawkaw

    I agree with Scully's comments.

    When it comes to the blood doctrine, Scully would be one of the best interviews this show could have. I think Sam Muramoto or Alan F. would be comparable as would Marvin Shilmer if he ever came out of the closet.

    But refusing Scully .... you got to be kidding me ... With her healthcare background and her expert JW understanding I would have her on a show in a second. But ... what the hell do I know.


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  • Documentarian

    Hello Scully (and others kind enough to respond),

    I was so pleased to read your email as I can assure you, my intentions are genuine. I am a new host and producer with VisionTV so I was not aware you wished to be contacted in the past, and also I do not have your contact information.

    If you are still interested, I would be thrilled to have your informed opinions voiced via an on-camera interview. I am slightly constrained as it needs to take place either on Monday afternoon (6th) or some time on Wednesday the 8th of January.

    Please contact me directly as soon as possible, at 416.368.3194 x504. I am also trying to confirm potential interviews with a few other people and will be able to take the first solid booking only.

    Again - sincere thanks for your posting.



  • Documentarian

    Hello everyone - I just wanted to send one final thank you for your replies, information and consideration. Because of it, I was able to confirm and ex-member for an interview, along with a doctor from Sick Kids Hospital who will talk about the risks involved with the refusal of a blood transfusion if it is deemed necessary.

    Take care, and I wish you all a wonderful 2003.



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