"We have and awesome Judicial System" says elder during public talk

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  • StarTrekAngel

    So as usually unavoidable, I was seating at the WT meeting this Sunday. We've got there about 15 min late. I don't know the title of the talk but when we got there, brother elder was talking about experiences of families that have simplified their life to support these old men, I mean, to serve the kingdom more. Funny, one of the experiences was a couple that had been pioneers for 30 years and had a lavish lifestyle. After one assembly they decided, allegedly on their drive back home in their luxury car, that they had been living a greedy life not worthy of a christian. My question is why did it take them 30 years to realize (if it is so right) that they were "greedy".

    Anyway, the comment to highlight was the elders examples of ways in which we can serve the kingdom more. One, off course, has to do with helping out in construction. Almost in a back to back manner he first mentioned how all these material things we have will not survive the big A but apparently the WT properties will. This is not me being sarcastic, he actually alleged to it. After explaining that nothing material that we have will be gone because "everything will be made new", he went on to explain how much construction work is needed and how we can help. He brought up Walkill and he claims to have participated in meeting regarding this project (I am assuming he actually referred to the meeting for elders about the new KH designs) and he quoted whomever was conducting this meeting as saying "this is the HQ building for the millennium" (referring to the thousands year reign of Christ) and the elder now added (and I quote him), "so this is the one place where everything will come from, all the instruction and direction for the whole world".

    What got me the most was the closing statements, as usual referring as to how great of an organization this is, he remarked how "great and awesome our judicial system is and how awesome our educational system is".

    I take it this guy has no clue of what is going on

    I did not pay much attention to the mag study. My wife and I were exchanging message about the immoral thoughts we had for one another. I am not kidding you, she is technically still as much in as she used to be, but I guess the study was a bit boring.

  • steve2

    You and your wife would have surely choked on your "immoral thoughts for one another" had the elder said anything other than what he said.

    You were obviously not expecting a critical commentary based on logical thinking and hard evidence. Or were you? He sounds like your typically dim-minded congregational uber-elder, the perfect Watchtower conducter.

    Catholics have the Vatican, Mormons, Salt Lake City and JWs, Walkill - all divinely appointed places from which amazing things, spiritual and material, emanate and will continue to emanate forever and ever, Amen.

  • Ding

    Totally delusional.

    Unfortunately though, not surprising...

  • sir82

    I would say a majority, maybe even a large majority, of JWs fully expect that WTS buildings will survive Armageddon.

    "Delusional" doesn't even scratch the surface.

  • steve2

    A new "high" in construction standards: Armageddon-proofing your buildings.

  • StarTrekAngel

    LOL... my comment was sort of to show the fun her and I have sometimes. She is not your typical hard line JW but at the same time she has a hard time acknowledging this is a cult. As soon as we got to the paragraph of immoral thoughts and the potential danger, we started texting each other (mind you we are seating next to each other) and we did it all that same night. Ok, I admit it, we did some of it in the morning before the meeting.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    We have and awesome Judicial System

    I guess that brother was never a recipient of it.

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