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  • Xena

    Waiting said something that caught my interest in another thread. (she does that sometimes )

    Interestingly enough - Bowen has offered the WTBTS the possibility of an Easy Out, but which still would help the JW children, which would be the point?

    "We didn't write it - that apostate Franz wrote it! Since we just realized that - we're going to change our way of doing things to help our children who we've always loved. We weren't wrong."

    "I never had sex with Monica." Clinton (paraphrasing)

    Who else remembers them doing this type of thing when Franz left (aka was removed)..making some docternal changes and saying that is was due to them weeding out the evil slave class and it's teachings? There was some issue with sacred service and how it was rendered....

    It does make you wonder if that is how they might justify "new light" in the future.....they just now realized (with Jehovah's spirit directed guidence of course) that some of these teachings are left over from when there were apostates among them...

    Just thought it was an interesting thought.....

  • AlanF

    It wouldn't be a first. Franz has been blamed by JWs for everything from inventing the 1975 fiasco to inventing the body-of-elders fiasco. I would welcome it if they did, because it would be yet more ammunition to show them up as the lying, self-serving bastards they are.


  • DannyBear


    ***I would welcome it if they did, because it would be yet more ammunition to show them up as the lying, self-serving bastards they are***

    Thank you. Btw it is good to see you posting again.


    I remember very well. The time lines of my association with the org just happened to be during the most turbulent years of change. 1960-1980,81 I was 12 yrs old in 1960 so by the time the elder arrangement and rotation system came along I was a young adult.

    There was so much bickering and animosity among the elder's in the congregations, about all the changes that the society (as any well oiled cult is want to do) had to change, tighten up the rules. They opened up the doors to exercise of personal conscience, then abruptly slammed them shut. This happened right around the time of Ray's departure.

    Like Alan said, individual jw's and even official watchtower commentary, has eluded to the fact that these occurences were caused by 'apostate activity'......anything to weasel out of some bad decisions.

    Funny though, they could not do so with Freddie's BIG WHOPPER........1975. There was to much of a paper trail and recording's of Freddie's own words to pull that off!

    It is a shame that Bill Bowen, still consider's himself a JW. It is obvious from his recent letter to the GB, that he has not left the organization yet. I feel sorry for the poor sod.


  • Shutterbug

    I dream of a time when one of the big boys in that big commune in New York will say,"I was wrong, so I'm responsible." I know, that's not going to happen, but it would be the right thing for them to do. These guys have refined the art of blaming someone else, when the blame obviously rest squarly on their shoulders. Bug

  • LittleToe

    They did the same with the "Commentary on James" book, but then recinded it.

  • onacruse

    Ah yes, and the wonderful flip-flop re: ministry vs. service. I believe that was all laid at the feet of the "apostasy."


  • Xena

    Well they are going to have to come up with something soon...I mean how much longer are people who never expected to grow old in this system much less have their children grow old in it gonna buy that we are in the last days? how far can they stretch this generation from 1914?

    We all know they will never admit they were wrong so they will have to find a scapegoat...and in looking at their past...Mr. Franz pops up as the most logical and convenient one...for this and other new light that they are really going to have to shed in order to keep their numbers up.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Of course, it has ever been thus: once expelled, dissenters are now fair game for the WT rumor mill, and it can be vile. It would take hundreds of words for me to list the things that Ray, Ed Dunlap, Cris Sanchez, et al are said to hae done.

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