Minority Report

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  • heathen

    Just rented that one last night . This is a very cool movie with Tom Cruise . Personally I thought it maybe his best film yet. The special effects are very cool and the story very intriquing .I recommend this one to all sci-fi action adventure fans. It kinda reminded me of Total Recall with Arnold Shwartzenegger .How people create something to enhance our lives but always have an evil intent hidden somewhere.

  • OrbitingTheSun

    I love that movie, too! There are a lot of philosophical questions explored in Minority Report.

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  • Happy

    I also saw Minority Report last night, and I loved it. Has a great story line.


  • MikeMusto

    i thought it was horriible

  • Robdar

    I saw it and really enjoyed it.


  • heathen

    OrbitingTheSun- You are so right . I remember watching a show recently where the military even has a program called Star Gate where they are employing people to sit in a room and do what they call remote viewing in a very pathetic attempt to locate secrete missile silos and such .The police will even consult psychics and spirit mediums to try and solve murders . I think this movie took the whole picture and came up with some interesting points on whether or not something like this would be of bennefit to mankind even if they developed it to the point of trusting it and believing it works without any doubts. It's very orwellian I thought .

  • Aztec

    I saw it when it first came out in theaters and loved it! Orwellian? Yes indeedy heathen! Spooky to be sure!


  • Happy


    It was definitely scary, especially the when the pre-cog Agatha started screaming. AHHH!!!! It was terrifying!

  • LizardSnot

    Minority Report was fantastic!

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