Dayton OH?

by Junction-Guy 3 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Junction-Guy

    Any Ex-Jw's here from the Dayton Ohio area? i attended several cong's in that area- Singing Hills, Miamisburg,trotwood, centerville, cornell heights, and several others. Looking to possibly catch up with old acquaintances and friends

  • DanTheMan
  • lisavegas420

    I live just out side Dayton....e-mail me


  • Junction-Guy

    Thanks Dantheman, i clicked on to that thread you provided, i read all those posts and the only name that rang a bell was this Sybill, i never met her personally but i did know her mom down in kentucky, and i also knew her daughter and son in law in ohio, as they attended the same congregation as we did. Im sorry i didnt respond back sooner, but ive been under the weather these past few days, just mostly slept. And Lisa i will email you shortly

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