Another Sex Abuse Charge

by happyout 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • happyout

    See story on this site:

    I wonder when someone will win a lawsuit, and what effect that will have on the other victims? And what effect that will have on the rank and file? Will they be told it is Satan at work, trying to destroy Jehovah's organization? Will they have to turn the channel if a news story comes on about it, since it shows Jah's people in a negative light? WILL THEY EVER WAKE THE F*** UP?

    OOOPPS, sorry, my resolution was not to have any bitterness in 2003.

    Will they ever see the "truth"?

  • onthego

    The article says the guy got a home Bible study going with the child then molested her. I don't think there's going to be many Bible studies in the U.S. anymore after people read this article! We need to protect the children!

  • Bendrr

    Just remember one thing.

    All it takes is for one inmate to hear a story like this and the threat to society is eliminated.


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