Grammer for gamers....

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  • Xander

    (Not mine, but LOLOL)

    your = possesive. YOUR armor, YOUR flag.
    you're = you are. YOU'RE stupid, YOU'RE a lamer.
    there = a place. throw the frag over THERE.
    their = possesive. capture THEIR flag.
    they're = they are. THEY'RE winning, THEY'RE better than us.

    so... use a spellchecker if YOU'RE confused, or YOUR friends will laugh at you (because THEY'RE smarter than you, and THEIR resumes will land them a job ...while you just sit THERE and cry).

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  • Mum

    "Grammer" should be "Grammar."

    The phrase "better than us" should be better than we."

    Otherwise, this was a passable lesson in grammar.

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