Christmas Feeling

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  • zanex

    I didnt get a chance to post this closer to christmas for my own reasons but I wanted to say something about the christmas with my daughter...she will be 2 on feb 1st so this christmas was the first one that she actively took an interest in and the reaction on her face and her body was incredible...I think for one of the first times ever I FELT christmas...I really dont know how to explain but I am sure that ones here will be able to relate. Her little face just smacked of curiosity when she saw the presents then her face just BEAMED when she opened them one by one. It warmed hy heart...I have been so cold and frosty for so so long and it just felt so GOOD. I was happy for her but in a small way I was envious...something so basic that even a child can comprehend I have a difficulty with...sigh...damn jw' any was a first for me...I think I felt some small spark of christmas without feeling the urge to rebut it...

    a spark was lit

    a light unknown before

    a childs innocence and clarity revealed

    a feeeling I had never known

    my little girl...

    I learned inside of her eyes

    learned looking through her soul

    her gift to me...

    a gift priceless to me

    yet something small to her

    I understood.

    if only for a moment or two...

    some part of that remains still

    it warms me every time I wake

    I rocks me when I struggle to sleep

    such a small thing it was

    her smile, her eyes the way they twinkled with glee

    I felt no longer a jw..I felt free...

    Thank you my daughter...daddy luvs u...

    this is my first christmas that I think I understood and FELT...I wanted to post it..what a way to start off the new year!!!!

  • cruzanheart

    Oh, zanex, I felt the same way! This was the first time I could completely and totally enjoy the lights, sing along with the radio, wish my neighbors Merry Christmas, and have fun! We may even do a tree next year (ooooh, how decadent!). And we saw the children enjoying it too, though they told us that they much prefer our tradition of giving them money to spend at the after-Christmas sales rather than presents under the tree. They know they get more stuff that way, and they can pick it out! They like the tree idea, though, as long as the money is forthcoming.

    Happy New Year!


  • zanex
    zanex year I am thinkin bout doin a tree at home too...what a sacreligious idea...LOL

  • Robotnomore


    We are new here but just wanted to tell you our Xmas experience. We celebrated for the first time this year. It felt strange in one way but exciting in many other ways. We set up a 7' tree, fully lit. We put all the trimmings on too. We had gifts spread out all around it. My daughter couldn't wait until Christmas morning so she could open all her gifts. And I admit I didn't want to wait either. After it was all over, we just couldn't believe what we had been missing all these years. Next Christmas we're going to lite up the outside of the house too. We recently sent our DA letter in. Haven't heard back from them yet. But it doesn't matter, we are enjoying our new freedom in Christ.

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