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  • The_Bad_Seed

    Trying to create a paper trail 5000 kilometers long - heheheheeee

    I need to know from some Ex Elders what happens when

    1 You get your 'papers' transferred to a new hall.

    2 What they contain...

    3 If any meetings have to be attended at the 'new hall' before they can be sent.

    Notices of my fraud will be posted soon...

  • troucul

    I thought my niece was the demon seed...you truly are evil...lol

  • Analysis

    It really depends on how aggressive and by book the local Secretary is in the two congregations.

    First the Secretary in the Old Congregation needs to have an official notification of the move. In some places the person moving provides the name, address and telephone number of one Secretary to the other and they simply do the transfer. Some may insist a formal written request from the new Congregation to the old Congregation.

    What gets sent, mainly is a letter that explains your current standing in the Congregation for example they may state that you are a regular publisher in good standing. If you have a position such as Pioneer, Elder or MS they may recommend you continue in the position. If you have your privileges limited they will state that.

    In addition to the letter they will send your publisher card and the TMS counsel slip. No notes on any committee meetings will be sent. They may mention the action in the letter, but not the notes since they are sealed and kept by the old Congregation. If you are DFd, the old Congregation makes the final decision on reinstatement.

    If you dont initiate the transfer and just fade, they may attempt to contact you to find where you moved. But, if they dont know where you moved or how to get in touch with you they can not send the letter until they do.

  • Mum

    Analysis, are there form letters for the elders to send, or are these poor, overburdened, uneducated souls expected to compose coherent correspondence? If there are form letters, could you or some other devious "apostate" post them for the use of those of us who plot, plan and cogitate on fraud?

    Happy New Year!


  • betweenworlds

    In my husband and my case we moved around a lot and eventually our records became lost LOL! We fell through the JW woodwork. We consider ourselves pretty lucky in that regard.

  • ashitaka

    Well, my friend has had his records sent to five different congregations, and in each one he never made one appearance. He just said that he traveled a lot, and that his company kept on changing plans on him.

    Now, it's somewhere in Saskatchewan!!! LOL


  • BluesBrother

    My experience is 5 years out of date now. But we would endeavour to find out if someone was moving . The home cong sec. would send a nice letter of introduction to the secretary of the new cong., wishing them well hoping they settle in "Be a great asset to your cong" etc. The publishers record cards would also be enclosed. This was precisely to prevent people slipping through the net.

    I have been told that nowadays they leave out any personal comments , due to the Data Protection Act

  • Analysis


    No it is not a form letter. The Secretary needs to write each one. However, the Secretary in most Congregations I know have Computers now and they more then likely just cut and paste from old letters.


    It is easy to get lost. If you dont have family or close friends in the Old Congregation it is difficult to track you down. Many years ago some guy that had been DFd had to wait around over a year to get reinstated, because they could not find the Congregation that he was in when he was DFd. The Service Department in Brooklyn would not make any concessions on their policy.

  • The_Bad_Seed

    I plan on trying to get my papers transferred to a hall in Southern Mexico, though I live on the Canadian West Coast...

    I have given the KH here my address - that is, when they try to track me down they may find themselves confused as to why they are looking for an apartment inside a Black History Museum...MUAHAHAHAHAH

    Thanks for the info all...



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