Waht is a Jehovah-Witness

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  • No_one_shall_know_my_name

    I haven't really got into the research but what really is a Jehovah-Witness?Could anyone answer that for me.Well someone has to know.

  • Gopher

    Back in ancient Israel, the entire nation served as his witnesses. (Isaiah 43:10-12)

    According to the JW's own "Reasoning From the Scriptures" manual, here is THEIR definition of Jehovah's Witnesses (for what it's worth):

    The worldwide Christian society of people who actively bear witness regarding Jehovah God and his purposes affecting mankind. They base their beliefs solely on the Bible.
  • GeddyLee

    Unfortunate victims, of a cruel, heartless cult, run by greedy heartless morons.

  • Elsewhere

    Someone who submits to the authority of the WTS

  • Aztec

    A damn fool!!!

    JMO of course!


  • No_one_shall_know_my_name

    Oh so thats what they are.Thanks guys.You know for tellin me about it and all

  • whyhideit

    Jehovah's Witness : Small Christian organization founded in the late 1800's by Charles Russell. Their early beliefs, and current beliefs differ greatly. Yet they still claim to be part of the same foundation. Their central doctrine is based on a strict understanding and literal following of Bible scripture. Although many of their points are easily proven wrong, and are oppressive to their people. Fear of being disfellowshiped or expelled from the congregation and their personal families keeps the greater number quite. Jehovah's Witnesses are the "Chicken Little" of religions, as they are constantly yelling, "the sky is falling" with repeated references to the end of the world that never come to pass. They are based out of Brooklyn, NY and headed up by the Governing Body. The Governing Body is a group of older men who vote on what beliefs should be accepted and what beliefs should not, and then pass the tally along to their organization as the divine guidance of their God Jehovah.

  • artful

    Well summed up whyhideit! What dictionary did that come from...LOL!!
    Here's what mine says:

    Jehovah's Witness: a member of a group that witness by distributing literature and by personal evangelism to beliefs in the theocratic rule of God, the sinfulness of organized religions and government, and an imminent millennium.


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