New Year's Resolutions

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  • patio34

    Good morning to all and Happy New Years Day!!

    So, in a half hour it's time for me to sit down and start on my New Years resolutions, a new tradition starting this year. Each resolution is getting its own page in a loose-leaf binder to track them all year long. Also, to write down steps to take and timelines for them.

    It would be fun to share some of others' resolutions. Here are some of mine:

    1. Get my finances in great order

    2. Retire three or more debts

    3. Lose my last 15 pounds (lost 50 in 2002 J)

    4. Finish my book about losing 50 pounds and get it on a website

    5. Work more at my job or even invent work to stay busier

    6. Paint my home

    7. Plant a vegetable garden

    8. Read serious books more

    Etc., etc.

    So, do you feel like sharing yours and maybe inspiring all of us to more goals?


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  • RubyTuesday

    Congratulations on losing those pounds!

    I want to lose about 15 more pounds.

    Pay off my credit card bills within 6 months.

    Same as harder at my job.

    Treat people the way i want to be treated.

    Go to College.

    Thats all I can think of for now.

  • Shakita


    Wow, 50 pounds! That is just great! Losing weight is just about the hardest thing in the world. You should be very proud!

    I lost about 15 pounds 2 years ago and kept it off for about a year. Then my parents died, 9/11 hit me hard, we had to put my 15 year old dog down(he was a great dog), and we slowly found out that we wasted the last 25 years of our life to a very wealthy publishing company,... and I gained back those 15 pounds, NO PROBLEM! I love food!

    I don't usually make New Years Resolutions, but this year for my health, I am making one to try to lose the 15 pounds I gained last year. I am going to keep a food diary, eat right, and do lots of exercising! Wish me luck!

    Mrs. Shakita

  • scootergirl

    My resolutions are:

    • become more financially organized this year...which includes paying off my credit card
    • lose weight (check out this thread for those that want some support
    • make my very own quilt (first class starts tomorrow night)
    • keep up with my tax stuff monthly and not wait until January 1st to start it! arrrggghhhhh

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  • RR

    My resolution is NOT to have resolutions!


  • funkyderek

    Here are ten of mine, in no particular order

    1. Run a marathon in under four hours.
    2. Gain 15-30 pounds.
    3. Get a new job.
    4. Leave Europe, if only for a holiday.
    5. Learn to drive.
    6. Develop my upper body.
    7. Buy all my Christmas presents online this year.
    8. Write a short story suitable for publication.
    9. Tidy my bedroom and keep it tidy.
    10. Try at least one illegal substance that I haven't tried before.

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