What if we put God on trial?

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  • Amazing

    What if we put God on trial?

    Of course God cannot be put on trial by humans, and I doubt that he would submit to any subpoena from a human court. But, what if we were able to do such a thing? What should he be charged with, if anything?

    If my child were sick, and I did not get that child to a doctor, I could be charged with neglect. In fact, in many states, if you see someone you don't know who is injured, you are required to assist, or face charges of homicide.

    If my child is in trouble because of doing wrong, I must discipline them properly. In some states parents can now be held liable for the conduct of their children.

    If someone is trying to harm my child, and I fail to protect as a loving parent would, then again I can face legal problems of neglect.

    If I leave my child in a car while running into the grocery store, or leave my child to fend for themselves at home for days or weeks at a time while I travel about, I can be charged with abandonment.

    We are taught that humans are children of God, and that God is by definition --- love. We face a hostile world where sickness, disease, war, crime, and ignorance all too often prevail. Where is God? Where is the parent of the human race? Who has the power in his hands to effectively deal with our ills? Why does it seem like God is out of town doing his thing while we are left to fend for ourselves?

    Some may argue that we cannot judge God by human standards. I disagree for a fundamental reason ... the Bible says we are made in his image and likeness ... feature understood by most all theologians even the JW leaders as having God's attributes of love, justice, wisdom, and power. The WTS often has cited the human conscience as being fairly universal when it comes to discerning right and wrong because God built within us this basic sense of moral judgment.

    Should God be put on trial? What do you think? - Simply Amazing

  • think41self

    Hi Amazing,

    Boy, you hit a hot button with this one for me.

    My answer is YES. You can go right back to that original bible story of Adam & Eve and the serpent to begin the trial proceedings. Which one of us who are parents have had our children disobey us? All of us. Did we sentence them to death because of the infraction, no matter how serious? NO Why would God(supposedly a loving parent)?

    Well, then you can come back with: But they were perfect, they had the strength to resist temptation. Ok, but did they, these two innocent, God like creatures, have the experience and understanding to resist a creature(supposedly Satan) who was a master manipulator, and had been alive for eons? If the bible is true, he was able to deceive angels, who lived in God's presence, so why is it so hard to see how he could trick a little kid?(which is what Adam, and especially Eve were to him).

    Not one of us normal, reasonably well adjusted parents would deal with our children so harshly, and not only them, but all of their future generations! Talk about human rights violations! God should be put on trial for that. When I brought my children into the world, I accepted full responsibility for them, and will NEVER abandon them. So where is God?


  • BugEye

    I vote no, he owns the bat and ball and he wont let us play anymore.

    Seriously though, in this argument there are too many unknowns for
    us to make a valid decision.

    The start is : What exactly does it mean to be made in Gods image?
    Forget what theologians and the WTBTS say, the bible doesnt say much.

    What really went on in the garden, the bible story is very simplistic
    and one could easily imagine that it took more than 2 sentences from
    a snake.

    And why did Eve not run back to Adam and say "Hey I just found a
    talking snake"? and why didnt Adam run back and talk to the snake?

    See, too much we just dont know. But when I get my time machine
    working, I'll find out, come back and let you all know.


  • Introspection

    Well, I don't know where you all stand, if you believe in the possibility of a God outside the framework of what we were taught (really key actually) etc.. But it seems to me this question always comes back to free will. I mean if people have free will and are, well awake, they'd be responsible for their own actions..

    As for the death sentence in the Genesis account, well I'd really have to point back to the whole theology we were taught.. There are people out there who believe in God, a personal God even and whole heartedly, and are loving toward other human beings, and doesn't give a second thought about the afterlife. Are they plain stupid, or what is their deal? I think simply put, they've REALLY sacrificed their life on behalf of others. After all, if you're just gonna be resurrected or go to heaven that's not really a sacrifice is it?

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