DA'ing policy for blood transfusions?

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  • cyberguy

    Has anyone gotten a scanned copy of the letter sent to CO's, to DA someone instead of DF'ing them for a blood transfusion? It seems to me that this policy change has been secretly kept from everyone outside of elders. In fact, the CO read it to elder bodies, but nothing in writing was actually given to local elders to file in their Talmud-of-Society-letters! Does anyone know why?

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  • researcher

    Yep, its true. Its because its a 'conscience' matter in the sense that if ones conscience allows a transfusion then by that action they are saying they no longer want to be known as one of JW's. It is no longer politically correct to DF someone for seeking medical attention and methods. Much the same way if one votes, then by that action they no longer want to be known as one of JW's, cause if they were DF for exercising their constitutional right to vote that would be a form of sedition.................... get the point.

  • cyberguy

    Thanks "Researcher" for replying

    I do "get-the-point" about DAing vs. DFing, however, in contrast to voting or joining the military, there appears to be no "paper-trail" for DAing those taking a blood transfusion! It seems that they dont want the rank-and-file JW's to know (or elders to pull from their Talmud-of-letters from the Society) that they will automatically DA anyone who takes a blood transfusion! This is a very disturbing trend and demonstrates the Society's deceitful tactics as of late! For this reason I posted this question in this particular group. Im hoping that someone can get a copy of the letter sent to CO's or DO's that collaborate/validate this policy change. Thank you for your reply though!

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  • Farkel


    The same thing was true with dubs joining the military or accepting alternative military service. The society used to DF them, until the government came after them with charges related to sedition, as I recall. Then they started DAing.

    It never ceases to amaze me how quickly "Jehovah" can change his mind when Watchtower interests are in jeopardy.

    The other reason for this move from DF to DA is also to protect the society from legal problems. Although the result is the same and the shunning is the same, the society can say, "we didn't kick them out. They broke off association from us!" I predict this trend continuing to other "offenses," too. It's quite possible DFing will be completely replaced with DAing, although that won't stop the destruction of family relationships and friendships at all.

    What a bunch of sleazy creeps those Watchtower leaders are.


  • Elsewhere

    "we didn't kick them out. They broke off association from us!
    All it will take is a couple of good juicy "slander" law suits to correct this little loop-hole.
  • edp81

    I am not a JW and I am not familiar with some JW terms.

    Could you tell me what you mean by "DA"?

  • Elsewhere

    DA = Disassociate

    It basically means that one has left the organization whereas one who is Disfellowshipped is "kicked out".

    The reason it could be considered slander is because of the way Disassociated people are viewed... in a nutshell, they are viewed by the organization as being Anti-Christs and rebelling against God.

  • ISP

    I don't think there is anything in the mags/letters. There was a press release going back which the WTS outlined its position. Its a funny thing that when I have discussed this matter with dubs ........they have no idea about the DA'ing possibility if blood is taken.


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