News of the Weird!

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  • think41self

    Hey guys,

    Had to share with you something that was in our local paper, The SunHerald, under "news of the weird".

    "Raymond Jones filed a complaint after having angrily stalked off his job during the 1998 holiday season, never to return, at a Shoppers Drug Mart in Vancouver, BC, because his boss told him to set up artificial poinsettias in a seasonal display, which he took as a directive to support the abhorrent idea of Christmas(he is a Jehovah's Witness). Results: Mr. Jones won a $30,000 judgement from the provinces's human rights panel in January".

    What do you think? Will this start a new trend among constantly poor JW's? Better yet, maybe all of those victims who have been abused by the "system of the society" should file a suit claiming their human rights have been violated, because they have!


  • SanFranciscoJim

    Sooooo..... if I work in a shopping mall and find the idea of Jehovah's Witnesses having a literature table in the mall, and walk off my job, can I sue THEM?

  • think41self

    Good one Jim,

    Oh, you just inspired another one in me! What if the millions of people who are sick to death of them knocking on their doors and disturbing perfectly good weekends and holidays filed suits?


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