December Study edition of the Watchtower.

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    Standing firm against Gog of Magog!

    As Brother Jackson gave his testimony to the Australian Royal Commission he resolutely defended our loving father Jehovah. Brother Jackson was aware of Satan's control over governmental authorities and new he would be filled with holy spirit in order to honor Jehovah. As the proceedings ended, the lawyer questioning brother Jackson remarked that Brother Jackson had indeed been honest and forthright and thanked Brother Jackson. commenting "previously we had questioned the catholic leaders and found them to be dishonest [...]"

    What happened next would make Jehovah's heart burst with joy. On finishing the proceedings, The royal commission was so impressed by Brother Jackson they wanted to know more about Jehovah's organisation and all became Jehovah's Witnesses!

    What a fine example that must make all our hearts warm. So what do we learn from this fine witness? When worldly authorities attack Jehovah people, we should all be ready to make a stand in Jehovah's name. Even in the face of death you can be assured Jehovah will remember your fine works.

  • tiki
    Yeah...right...and a bit of upchuck.....
  • C0ntr013r
    and all became Jehovah's Witnesses!

    A bit much don't you think?

    Maybe; "studies where started because of brother Jackson's excellent testimony"

  • tiki
    They all did indeed...and within six months fell into that mentally diseased state of seeing through the b.s..
  • Vidiot

    I can actually see them publishing the first paragraph, at least.

    Like, verbatim.

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