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  • stephenw20


    I recieved my brochure the other day from the Legal department of the WTBTS in Patterson NY.

    I have not had devoted time to look at all 32 pages with the most critcal eye, but will share my most immediate observations...

    FIrst, we are not talking about some newspaper type document. In my opinion, it is the FINEST layout and printing job done by the society to date. The copy I have is copyright 2000. The fund that orginally peaked my interest is not mentioned anywhere I can find.
    Of the 32 pages only 6 have no color pictures on them. The paper used is better than any publication I have ever seen them print.

    If you did not know it was from them, you would almost miss it as the cover has nothing indicating the WTBTS
    it just say
    " Charitable Planning to benefit Kingdom Service work".

    I would strongly recommend everyone requesting a copy from the office in Patterson. for a few reasons, 1) it costs money to send these out and they have to send it out by law if I am not mistaken. 2) you can see that the writers of other printed matter and the folks that wrote this document , probably never met.

    I can give you the direct # if interested.Email me

    Further, its always nice to read in front of other JWS and then when they ask what are you can say...YOU MEAN YOU DONT KNOW?...I told my wife this is from her Non profit corporation, she still didnt believe me till I showed her the back cover.........

    I did read about half of it, and i n that half I have not run across the WORD Jehovahs WItnesses anywhere.

    In 32 pages there are 4 scriptures.
    Guess they draw the line when they talk about money

    I will include the first couple of paragraphs page 4 and one on page 5

    " Estate Planning
    An Overview"

    Every person who has money or owns property that will not be expended or disposed of during his lifetime has an estate. Estate planning is simply the process of deciding how your assets will be distributed after your death, or even now and includes taking steps to carry out your decisions effectively and economically. these steps may involve titling assets , naming beneficiarys and creating such doucments as wills and trusts In complex situations much more is involved.

    Such estate Planning can be intimadating,but need not be.It does however, involve time, energy and determination. SOME SERIOUS DECISONS NEED TO BE MADE. ( this cap part is in italics)

    Paragraph 5 page 4

    Regardless of age, health or financial circumstances, one needs to plan in order to benefit the family as much as possible.Estate planning is not, as many believe only for the elderly and the rich. The fact is those who exceed a certain annual income or who acquire a certain amount of assets during their lifetime cannot keep all of it for the benefit of the family. Taxes must be paid.

    Page 5 para 2

    For a christian, then , the term"charitable planning" or planned giving", as it is often called-implies that a portion of ones assets will be used to advance kingdom interests.Many have benefited from receiveing clear suggestions on how best to arrannge theri affaris so as to minimize taxes and maximize the benenfits left to their loved ones and to the Society.( I did not capitlize society is capitalized)


    I could dissect this in 29 different ways , but will just say these few words.......


    I thought the new sytem was coming, throw your burden s on in him.......

    I gather from this , JWS are the only christians as all christians are suppose to contribute to kingdom work of the Society.
    I like the word WILL in that paragraph....quite subtle

    Well if anyone is interested again I suggest getting your own copy. You will laugh I guarantee.


  • stephenw20

    PS it cost


    $1.18 to send it out........ First class mail from NY to NJ.
    I am not suggesting that you and your friends and realtives and neighbors ask for copies...... but I just thought I would mention it.

  • LDH

    OK so lemme get this right! For the few JW's who were smart enough or lucky enough to go against JW counsel, now they want to take their money when they die.

    It's a safe bet that most JWs won't even have a friggin' estate when they die.

    So this just speaks to the lucky few, eh?

    Let's calculate this: There must be a family like mine in every congregation. Due to the hard work of the mum and pop, the kids enjoyed a nice life. Mum and Pop didn't send ANY of their kids to college, so there never were any college loans to pay off. There were no weddings to pay for (I married an unbeliever and my DA'd sister lives with her fiance). There were no expensive Birthday parties or Christmases to pay for. No field trips. No proms.

    So the Society's gonna get my parents entire estate?!?!?! I don't think so. Jerry and I don't need or want their money (his parents died penniless-non JW). There is no way in the King James Version of Hell I will allow that. I would fight tooth and nail to have that money turned over to a REAL FRIGGIN CHARITY.

    OOOOHHHHH this makes me mad, it is not good to get a pregnant, morning sick woman mad.....ooooohhhhhh.

  • stephenw20

    I share your opinion.......but in addition to the information I posted, if you read this carefully enough you can see anyone or corporation can contribute not only to the society , but to the charitable fund.

    So for instance, if members of a non profit organization donated money to a trust, they could pay it out to themselves over a period of time.

    Quite the thing....

    I hope you feel better!

  • LogCon
  • Finkelstein

    Charitable Planning/Brochure is here

    Even in spite of the Watchtower Head Quarters having hundreds of millions of dollars we could always use more.

    So if you were made poor and living a substandard life by are organization's bullshit coercive doctrines, we still would like

    the remaining money or property you have, this would really appease Jehovah and remember judgment day is just

    around the corner.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    My friend's inactive father got sent one of those here in Australia, unsolicited. My JW friend didn't believe me when I told him. I wonder if Australia Bethel sends it out too?

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Can you put up pictures?

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Link is here

    Bloody hell. Bunch of vultures.

  • JakeM2012

    Thanks Julia, After briefly reviewing the brochure, Probably good tax friendly advice at the time of printing advice in 2000, 14 years ago. WTBTS is using their tax free status as a charity to intercept funds that the government would receive, uhmmm, make the most out of your giving. Interesting that the brochure hasn't been updated since 2000 because U.S. Tax laws have changed alot since 2000. For instance, this is an excerpt from an article:

    "Who has to pay federal estate tax? Once you’re worth more than a certain amount, taxes shrink your estate. Under the 2010 tax law, we can each transfer up to $5 million tax-free during life or at death. That figure is called the basic exclusion amount , and it is adjusted for inflation. In 2012 it was raised to $5.12 million per person. The new tax law does not change how much you can pass tax-free. On Jan. 11 the IRS announced that, with the inflation adjustment, the estate tax exclusion amount for deaths in 2013 would be $5.25 million."

    "How does this relate to lifetime gifts? The lifetime gift tax exclusion and the estate tax exclusion are expressed as a total amount – currently $5.25 million per person – and it is possible to use this exclusion (sometimes called the “unified credit”) to transfer assets at either stage or a combination of the two. If you exceed the limit, you (or your heirs) will owe tax of up to 40%."

    "The IRS expects you to keep a running tally and report these gifts so it will know how much has already been used up when you die. For example, if you have used $1 million of the exclusion to make taxable lifetime gifts, the unused exclusion if you die in 2013 will be $4.25 million, rather than $5.25 million."

    "Here too, couples get a special break: they can share the basic exclusion during life (this process is called gift-splitting) and give more to the kids now, tax-free. But of course this also reduces how much of the tax-free amount will be available when they die, either for their own use or to be carried over by the survivor." (Bold/italics added)

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