2015 RC Drama about Jesus.

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    I have to admit, aside from the "choose your own" doctrine aspect, the video was pretty well made. Well, for the WTBTS. They are behind the Mormons and the LDS, but it wasn't too bad.

    Anyway, has it been leaked to the Internet? Just curious.


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    What was the title of the talk?
  • Bobcat

    Data, one of the things that stood out to me was the statement near the beginning of part 1, and repeated near the end of part 2, that it was 'necessary to believe that JWs had the truth' (or that 'these events about Jesus proved that JWs had the truth.')

    Did you notice that also? There were statements that Jesus' miracles gave proof to his Messiah-ship (is that a word?). And these fit in with the 2 part video. But the statements that 'JWs have the truth' (regardless of the veracity of such statements) - they were like, out of nowhere. Nothing in the videos had anything to do with JWs.

    These statements seemed to be inserted as a sort of audio subliminal messaging. There was no time to analyze the statements as to what they had to do with the videos (which, in fact, they had nothing to do with them).

    Other than that, like you said, the videos were pretty well done. Seeing Jesus cry (in connection with Lazarus' death), and seeing him hug his disciples before he left earth were quite moving scenes.




    Yes, I noticed that. There was a brief moment of hope for me when the narrator said something positive about Christians. Then he said, " This is proof that Jehovahs Witnesses have the truth."



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