Do you have any recording devices? Question at JW Judicial Committee. Can we use this weapon against them?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    What labels the Watchtower Judicial system as a completely Kangaroo Court is the secrecy in which they take place. I was asked this question by 5 elders who sat as judges over me over the charges get this "Speaking Against the Organization" this was truly the most kangarooie of the kangaroo courts ever.

    When they first invited me to this meeting by 2 elder at my place of work I asked them what the charges were and was told speaking against the organization to which I said right the charges down on a piece of paper and sign it to which they refused. They were the most cowdardly Judges I ever met, I asked them for my lawyer to attend, to which they said he would not be allowed.

    And then top that off with they asked me the above question 5 elders against little ole me the card were stacked against resistance was futile so that I was disfellowshipped for speaking against the organization I asked for an appeal within the alloted time and was granted one with 3 more crooked judges than the first batch so the verdict was obvious and the whole trial a sham.

    So what would happen if a person refuse to attend judicial hearing without a lawyer or legal council and have it recorded?

  • bsmart
    I understand it has been done. Check youtube
  • DesirousOfChange

    So what would happen if a person refuse to attend judicial hearing without a lawyer or legal council and have it recorded?

    They would convene the meeting without you even being present and (if they have what they consider to be 2 witnesses against you) they will DF you "in absentia" -- with you absent. They would likely attempt to let you know that it happened (as with a certified letter) and announce it 7 days later at the Service Meeting. "Brother Brokeback is no longer a JW."

    It's happened to LOTS of folks on here.

    There is a lesson here for anyone trying to quietly fade: STFU! or you'll be tried for "Speaking against the Organization".


    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

  • C0ntr013r

    Don't forget, the Governing Body expects their members to speak out if something the GB says is in disharmony with the bible ;)

    25:33 in this video:

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    They would get in touch with headquarters service, and legal department to advise them of their next course of action to these brain dead dummies, with these circumstances now in play which will probably be: not to proceed any further attempt to bring this person to trial. Why because they fear a set up for further legal action and so will drop all investigative proceedings, if they don't these guys are dumber than I give them credit for.
  • umbertoecho
    What about the "being allowed to confront your accuser" They seem to really like that one when dealing with children of abuse.
  • newsheep

    The elders sat out front our property until my husband came to unlock them, The neighbours had called us to let us know they were sitting there so we kept an eye on them and four and a half hours later one Sat afternoon my husband unlocked the gates. Within a half hour it was over and hubby walked away from them as they were yelling out apostate and your disfellowshipped.

    Then it was my turn and I went to my jc which was a joke. Six hours later they publically reproved me on grounds that I had discouraged young ones in our hall five or six years ago from pioneering. Those young ones happened to be the relatives to a guy we knew the elders were covering up. My story is under Label Licker. The elders had full intensions of dfing me but after I had told them if they try that I would go public with my tape. So they did the next best thing and that was tell everyone not to speak to me. The goons will do what they want to do and protect whom they want to protect even if it means protecting those who break the law.

    This cult is a snake pit!

  • daringhart13
    Its been done many, many times. I know a guy that did it ...and we had a party and listened to the entire taped meeting............ It is staggering to see how uneducated elders are on how to deal with people, serious problems....or there OWN damn rules!!!!
  • possum
    They like to play it both ways "unlettered and ordinary men" and judges with the power of life or death within the secretive confines of the cult. The royal commission has revealed that the lack of understanding of judicial process and thus enact cruel, demeaning and dangerous policies and proceedures that cause terrible ongoing damage not only to the victium but often whole families. The royal commision shinning a spotlight has shown that origanisation as a corrupt power crazed publishing orgainisation built of a very dubiouss foundation...................Quoted before Judge Brandis "Best disinfectant is sunshine"..........

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